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Scorn on the Fourth of July
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It's the morning after Emanda and Daniel consummated their sham revenge relationship. Emanda is in bed with Daniel, wide awake and staring at the ceiling. Emanda voice-over: "They say vengeance taken will tear the heart and torment the conscience. If there's any truth to it, then I now know with certainty that the path I'm on is the right one." Daniel wakes up and pillow talk starts happening. Guh. Their making out is interrupted by some banging at the door of Casa Emily. It's Nolan, bursting with intel and gossip. Lydia is not dead, after all, just in a coma. Remember the eyelash flutter? Nolan's eager to show Emanda the video evidence he has of Frank's fight with Lydia, but it'll have to wait since Daniel's there. Nolan commends Emanda on bedding Dan and tells her to get rid of him so they can watch Faces of Death: Lydia.

Grayson Manor. Daniel comes home in the disheveled tux he wore last night to find Tyler dressing up in a suit in his bedroom. The adventures of the dressing/undressing together roommates continue. Ty's suiting up for work for Grayson Global despite it being Fourth of July weekend because that's just how Tyler sucks up. He tells Dan not to worry, though, because he's got a killer weekend planned for the two of them. No can do for Daniel because he's already got plans with Emanda tonight. Tyler is so bros before hoes about this. He worries for Daniel that if he hangs out with this Emily girl two nights in a row, she might start to think he's serious. "That's the idea," Daniel replies. Tyler fake laughs.

Casa Emily. Emanda and Nolan watch the spy video of Frank's struggle with Lydia from start to brutal finish. Nolan explains the big crash Emanda hears is Lydia falling five stories onto a car. They're both amazed she survived, but Nolan is freaked out that he could've run into Frank if he had just shown up a few minutes earlier. Emanda can't let thoughts like that creep into her plans. She simply tells Nolan it didn't happen that way and they got lucky. Nolan doesn't see it that way. There's nothing lucky about Lydia almost being dead and the possibility of her coming out of her coma and remembering the photo with Emanda in the background. None of this bothers Emanda. First, Lydia deserves to die for selling her soul to the Graysons, and second, they can easily frame Frank as the one behind everything with this video. Nolan suggests sending the video to the police, but Emanda expects the Graysons will handle Frank for them.

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