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Scorn on the Fourth of July

Queen Victoria is watching the sunset from her balcony perch. Conrad appears behind her and says this is one of his favorite sights -- his wife and the sunset together in this beautiful place they share. Victoria's like, "Funny... I was just thinking it's the loneliest place on Earth." That is kind of funny. Victoria asks Conrad if he loves Lydia, and he does the standard cheating husband thing by denying he does and declaring he loves his wife. This sparks a "he said, she said" argument about what Frank has been telling Victoria. He's told her Conrad is obsessed with Lydia. Conrad suggests he told Victoria that to drive a wedge between them because Frank is obsessed with Victoria. When Conrad sees Victoria isn't buying any of this, he drops the bomb that Frank tried to kill Lydia. Cut to Victoria watching the surveillance video on a laptop in Conrad's office, completely shaken. Conrad pulls out a gun from his desk and tells a silent Victoria it's in case Frank tries to do the same thing to them.


Dinner double date! Ashley's eager to partake in the expensive wine Tyler ordered because she's afraid she will get fired if the Fourth of July party sucks. All job security in Grayson Land went out the window with Frank's firing. Daniel's sure the party will be fine and he's sorry he'll have to miss it because of work. Emanda offers to visit him at the bar and teases that she tips well. Tyler jumps in to suggest that's a good thing since Daniel's been cut off from his trust fund, slyly implying Dan might be after Emanda for her money. Daniel brushes off the comment and says he'd rather Emanda go to the party and spend time with his mom -- a necessary evil. Ty raises a toast to "necessary evils." The four clink glasses as Emanda stares down Tyler.

Poor Porter Bar. It's a noticeably slow night, as far as business goes. Dec starts asking Jack odd questions about connections he might have at a fancy restaurant because he wants to impress Charlotte on their upcoming date. Jack's reaction is along the lines of, "You couldn't afford that even if you sold all your greasy, luxurious Declan hair." That's why Dec is now asking Jack if he can borrow a few hundred bucks. Legal guardian Jack joins the conversation and he's a bit surly when he suggests that Dec not waste his time with this girl who probably has a dozen Ivy League jerks after her. Declan thinks Jack is just bitter about his own rich girl problem. And... he's probably right.

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