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Scorn on the Fourth of July

Back at dinner, Tyler's talking big about wanting to buy an island in the Bahamas after an anecdote about showing people around some islands his parents own. Emanda starts asking rapid fire questions about the story and Tyler does his best to address them until Emanda's fact-checking seems to catch him in a big lie. Let's see, Tyler had said he and Daniel couldn't go to the island one December because of a hurricane, but Emanda points out hurricane season ends in November. Tyler had said they flew in on a $60 million jet to set up his guests in a tax haven, but Emanda notes most runways there are unpaved requiring a turboprop plane and privacy laws as pertain to taxes were stripped in 2006. Tyler says, "Forget it. I'm just trying to tell a story." Emanda retorts, "Oh, I believe that." Tyler stands up angrily and tells Daniel, "Why don't you tell your girlfriend to take a step back? Who does she think she's talking to anyways?" Cold Emanda: "That's a very good question." Daniel follows after Tyler, leaving Ashley with a stone-faced Emanda. Ashley turns to her and says, "I don't know what's going on with you lately, but you're becoming a real grade-A bitch," and elicits no response from Emanda.

By himself and in the middle of the night, Declan is out on an inflatable raft. He pulls up some cages from the water and has caught himself a few lobsters. OK, if he's catching lobsters to cook for Charlotte, that's actually really sweet.

Victoria is alone at night in her kitchen, going through the fridge. Doesn't she have servants to whip her up a midnight snack? She closes the refrigerator door and is startled by Frank. He's there to make sure Victoria is doing OK and is getting really uncomfortably close to her. He starts talking about how much he cares about her and Victoria has to cut him off to tell him she's seen the video of Lydia. Frank is caught off guard by the fact there's a video of what he did, but he did it for Victoria, he says. Frank leans in for a kiss, and we'll never know if Victoria would've let him because Conrad calls out from the next room to her. She tells Frank he needs to leave and she walks away, leaving him spurned.


Morning at Grayson Manor. Tyler is up bright and early, waiting for Victoria and Conrad at the breakfast table. Tyler takes this opportunity with Daniel not around to off-handedly mention Dan's new job at the Stowaway and explains to Victoria that it was all Emanda's idea for him to take a lowly job to build character. Daniel joins the table and Victoria expresses concern about his career choice. In light of losing his trust fund, he's proud to stand up for his decision to make his own money, but he has to admit to her that he'll be missing the Fourth of July party. Victoria can't believe he has a job that won't let him change his schedule. Daniel is defiant and doesn't want to change his schedule. He storms off. Tyler, always the helpful one, offers to talk to Daniel for Victoria.

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