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Scorn on the Fourth of July

At Lydia's apartment building, Frank is watching surveillance footage from that night with the security guard he's bribed. He spots Nolan going into Lydia's apartment.


Fourth of July party time. Emanda finds Victoria right away, as she always does. Victoria asks about Emanda not having Daniel on her arm so she can hear it from the source that he is working a crappy job because of his girlfriend. Victoria hugs Emanda and walks away after saying her piece about Daniel hopefully coming to his senses. Emanda finds Ashley to apologize for the way she behaved at dinner and asks for Tyler so she can supposedly apologize to him as well. According to Ashley, Victoria dispatched Ty to pry Dan away from work to come to the party. Jack and Declan enter the party with Nolan. The party planner in Ashley drones on, wondering what they're doing there since they're not on the guest list, while Emanda stares at Jack.

Tyler arrives at the Stowaway and apologizes to Daniel for belittling his job and need for money before. What better way to celebrate his first day on the job than with shots? Daniel eventually gives in to the idea. While he's grabbing some top shelf liquor, Ty slips some drugs into Dan's glass.

Back at the party, Dec spots Charlotte trapped in a conversation with some snooty old people. He pulls out his phone and pretends to be having a heated conversation about Asian markets being in a tailspin as he runs into Charlotte. He poses business questions to the old couple and then turns his attention to Charlotte, effectively warding off the aged ones and saving the day. Charlotte asks, "Asian markets?" Dec sheepishly admits he read "the Journal" on the way over to the party. Then, he launches into a speech about not being able to compete with any of this rich people stuff. He has no money and he probably never will. Charlotte's smile grows through the whole spiel. When he's done, Charlotte just says, "I'm rich. You're not. Who cares?" I think these kids are going to be all right. Elsewhere at the party, Nolan comments to Jack that his brother moves quicker than him. The devil's advocate thing finally works and Jack walks off to go talk to Emanda. She's surprised to see him and asks if Nolan dragged him out there. No, it was all his idea, he says. He asks if there's somewhere private they can go to talk. Emanda looks like a deer in headlights.

Dan is starting to feel the effects of the drugs Tyler slipped him. He spills a drink and generally looks like he's about to fall over. Tyler jumps up to the rescue and helps Daniel off to the side of the bar so he can take a seat, and chalks it up to all the stress and pressure Daniel's recently been under. Bartender Bull notices Daniel off on the sidelines and asks what's going on. Ty asks if there's somewhere they can take Daniel where he can lie down. The two men help Daniel up.

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