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Scorn on the Fourth of July

Jack has dragged Emanda away from the party down to the dock behind Grayson Manor. Fireworks light up the night sky. The stage is perfectly set for a romantic moment. Jack tells Emanda that ever since he first saw her there's been something he couldn't quite put his finger on until now. He actually puts his finger down on the railing as he says this. He then goes off on a long, ill-advised boat metaphor, but his heart's in the right place. Emanda's face looks like it's ready to potentially net you ten times the roll of the dice if you also own The Electric Company. Jack looks into Emanda's face for an answer. Though it obviously pains her to say it, she tells Jack she's the wrong girl and she's seeing Daniel. Jack says he knows the circumstance, but this feeling only comes around once or twice in a lifetime and he needs to know if he's alone in feeling this way. Emanda's eyes well up. She says she's so sorry. Jack apologizes and leaves. Emanda turns to face the ocean and lightly sobs.

Back at the bar, Tyler takes Daniel upstairs to the bedroom where they sit on the bed together. Ty tries to talk to a barely conscious Daniel again about Emanda being all wrong for him. Daniel is still defiant through slurs, so Tyler suggests he lie back. Then, Tyler kind of sort of maybe possibly puts a tiny move on Daniel before Dan shoves him away. "Fine. Have it your way," Ty declares. He goes downstairs and walks out of the bar to a random wooden pillar. He works himself up and head-butts it, creating a big gash on his forehead.


Nolan walks around the food tables at the party, fueled entirely by awkwardness. He scores a bunch of mini beef wellington hors d'oeuvres off a server, but that victory is short-lived as Nolan is intercepted by Frank who has a gun hidden under his cloth napkin, which is terrible formal etiquette. He leads Nolan away. Meanwhile, Tyler finds Victoria to show off the gash on his forehead and claims Daniel did it to him when he tried to confront him. Victoria is shocked, as this is not the son she raised. Without missing a beat, Ty responds, "And it's not the friend that I love like a brother." Tyler excuses himself to go get the first aid kit in the pool house. Emanda has witnessed this whole exchange from a distance and follows after Ty.

In the pool house, Frank has a gun in Nolan's face and is asking about whose idea it was to film the video. Nolan asks if he means the Double Rainbow video ("Guy's a genius.") Ha ha. Frank understandably socks Nolan in the gut and asks how much Conrad paid him. Nolan seems ready to offer up something, but they're interrupted by Emanda and Tyler talking outside of the pool house about Daniel's supposed violence. Frank leaves just before Ty and Emanda take their discussion into the pool house and find Nolan on the ground. Nolan grabs Emanda and takes her back into the party to tell her what just happened with Frank. Bad idea because Frank is spying on Nolan and now sees his connection with Emanda. Nolan tells her Frank is better at this than they are and now she's on her own before walking away.

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