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Scorn on the Fourth of July

Silver Swans' "Anyone's Ghost" plays as Jack comes home to an empty bar except for Daniel sleeping on the bed. Emanda voice-over: "Like life, Revenge can be a messy business..." Jack shakes his head and rolls his eyes. VO continued: "...And both would be much simpler if only our heads could figure out which way our hearts will go." Dec and Charlotte sit together on "Amanda" the boat and share a kiss under the fireworks. Emanda gets to her front porch and stops to look at up at those same fireworks. She notices the porch swing has been moved to face the sunrise and takes a seat to watch the fireworks in contemplation. VO: "But the heart has its reasons of which reason cannot know."

Victoria also watches the fireworks from her balcony on the phone with Frank. He asks that she not be frightened of him and that she just answer one question. Who installed the surveillance camera? He thinks they're all being set up. Conrad walks out to the balcony, snatches Victoria's phone and threatens Frank before throwing it on the bed. Conrad is furious Victoria would talk to that killer, but Victoria responds that they're not sure at all what they're dealing with. She asks Conrad if he filmed the video. Of course he didn't. Then who? Conrad doesn't have an answer. Cut to Emanda still watching the fireworks from her bench swing. She appears worried. She should be because Frank is on her property, watching her from the shadows.

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