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The Shower
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A huge pool of blood gets mopped up from the floor by hand with a sponge. Emanda voice-over: "Some think intuition is a gift, but it can be a curse, as well..." The camera pulls back to reveal Victoria watching a maid scrub the blood from the tile of Grayson Manor. In her hands, Victoria has the sign-in sheet from the hospital where Kara was committed and a check made out to Amanda Clarke. She crumples them both up and tosses them into her fireplace. Ems VO continued: "...a voice calling to us from places that are better left unexplored..." Sternly, Victoria watches the documents disintegrate. VO: " echo of memories that will never die no matter how hard we try to kill them."

24 hours earlier on the beach outside Casa Emily, Aiden comes jogging up, pleased with himself because he thinks Ems has reconsidered his apology. Instead, she greets him by playing back the voicemail Kara left Gordon after his disappearance. Emanda's not pleased with Aiden's meddling. While Aiden doesn't admit to posing as the Detective Lasky that Kara references in the message, he shares with Ems his suspicions that Gordon could've brainwashed Kara, and there's no way of knowing what her motivations are now. Emanda's going to get to the bottom of it anyway, ignoring Aiden's warning that she may not like what she finds out.

Grayson Manor. We're in mid-rebuke by the Queen as she and Conrad sit at the breakfast table. Conrad's been summoned by the Initiative, and will be going to meet with them this afternoon. Victoria thinks it's a bad idea, especially since it's another opportunity for Conrad to get his "reptilian hands" on another thing he can screw up. Look, if we're going to classify them, I'd say they're more amphibian than anything. Daniel enters the scene, curious to know where his father is off to. He gets a lie about a trip to go ease the minds of some investors who are a little concerned after recent events surrounding the Graysons. A little too exuberantly to hide some sort of ulterior motive, Dan commends his father on his good thinking before offering to hold down the fort while he's gone. As the two men go off to tackle their respective days, Charlotte enters, upset that surveillance cameras are being installed all over the house, and more importantly, outside her bedroom. She's also still a little miffed about that whole being falsely imprisoned thing, but that's just being picky. Ignoring all of that, Victoria asks about what Charlotte was going on about when she got upset about her mother betraying David Clarke. It was all in a journal Amily showed her, she says. If Victoria wants to know, she'll have to ask Amily. Meanwhile, at the front door of Grayson Manor, Conrad runs into Ashley on his way out. Having caught Daniel's too-earnest tone earlier, he instructs Ash to keep an eye on his son while he's gone in hopes of finding out what he's really up to.

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