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The Shower

Jack gets off the phone with the city health inspector after setting an inspection appointment for the Stowaway. He looks up to see Amily waddling out of the bar with her rolly luggage. Even after explicitly saying he didn't want to commit to Amily anymore, Jack's sideswiped by this baggage-laden woman trying to not so subtly walk out of his life. He tells Ams she doesn't have to leave, but can't offer a good reason why she shouldn't. Cut to Amily arriving at Casa Emily. She brushes off Emanda's kind invitation to stay as long as she needs because she still doesn't get why Ems threw her to the Grayson wolves at the big press event. Ams feels like Emanda's game with the Graysons is starting to ruin lives. Where have you been, Amily? All Emanda has to do to stop this hormone-fueled tirade is explain that her mother is still alive, and Victoria may be the only source for answers. Speak of the devil woman, Amily's phone rings with a call from Victoria, who still uses a landline for her evil correspondence. She invites Ams over for a talk this evening, which Emanda urges her to accept, and asks Amily to bring David's journal.

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Nolcorp. Padma continues with her supposedly endearing badgering of Nolan. Her exasperation this time is with Nolan having unopened mail dating back more than six months. Nolan: "Only luddites use snail mail." Logic -- he has it. Emanda enters and Padma excuses herself. "She's cute," Ems teases. "You think?" Nolan tries to be nonchalant. "Don't you?" Emanda catches Nolan. New subject. Emanda asks if Nolan knows anything about the surveillance system the Graysons are installing throughout Grayson Manor. It just so happens that the technology the security company is using is proprietary to one of Nolcorp's subsidiaries, so they can easily hack in and "monitor Boris and Natasha's every move." Holy crap... Those names work on so many different levels. Emanda also needs a remote earwig so she can use Amily as a sock puppet. No problem, says Nolan. Ems takes her leave of him as Padma returns. She asks Nolan why he didn't tell her his father had died and his estate is being auctioned off. That's because Nolan didn't know his father is dead. At least you didn't find out on Facebook, Nolan.

Out on The Amanda, Declan has a little meeting with Trey about trying to recover the items they stole so they can return them to Mr. Ryan. He offers up his share of the money they made, but unfortunately that's not how things work with Trey's boss. He'll break their legs for even asking to return the items they stole. Jack shows up and catches the end of this meeting, then silently stands by as Trey walks past him. Dec gives his brother the bad news. How can these two upstanding brothers who did nothing more than knock up a murderous stripper and burglarize houses endure such bad luck?!

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