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The Shower

Sporting the most immodest maternity wear ever, Amily meets with Ems at Casa Emily. She's getting cold feet about dealing with Victoria yet again at the baby shower, but Ems explains that they just need to get a signature from Victoria -- easily acquired by accepting a payment for the journal by check -- to verify it against the signature she gave on the hospital sign-in sheet when she visited Kara. Ams needs some time to think about being a part of this operation, so she leaves.

At his office, Nolan sits in a malaise, staring at his father's obituary on his computer. Padma comes in to ask about a lawsuit brought against him in 2001. Nolan: "You ever hear of them?" Padma: "No." Nolan: "That's because they lost. End of story." His dark delivery of that delightful story prompts Padma to ask if he's OK. Nolan responds by excusing himself. Always taking the initiative, Padma walks over to Nolan's monitor to see the obituary and verifies what's been bothering her boss/crush. She snatches the key to Dad Ross' storage unit and leaves.

Standing in a deserted warehouse, Conrad looks out on a large, undeveloped plot of land. A woman's voice explains to him from off-camera that the previous owners had worked for 20 years to be able to develop the land and then watched their dreams crumble. Conrad turns to see a woman dressed in the type of black outfit a realist super villain might wear. She speaks with nebulous authority, saying Conrad had a choice in deciding whether to obey their summon or not -- he just may not have liked the result if he'd chosen not to show up. This meeting is about Gordon Murphy. Conrad wants assurance that his family will be safe from him, but the woman says he is off the grid. The Initiative is looking for answers about their rogue agent, as well. The woman will be in contact with Conrad as more details emerge.

Out on the docks, Jack meets with Mr. Ryan to update him on the recovery of his stolen things. Jack can only offer up $2,500, but that doesn't nearly cover it. Mr. Ryan estimates his stuff was worth at least $20,000. Jack explains that he plans on reopening his bar soon, and then he can save up to pay it all back. Mr. Ryan will give Jack one month to get square, and if that doesn't work out, hey... he knows where he lives. Ominous. That's what happens when you steal someone's Babe Ruth baseball. Memorabilia collectors don't fuck around.

Baby shower time. Emanda arrives and is a bit disturbed to learn that Amily still hasn't arrived. Just as she's saying this, Amily walks in with three of her best stripper friends, who are all tatted up and tightly dressed. Ems' sideways/shocked reaction shot is priceless. How did we not see this coming? The four strippers come face-to-face with Victoria, who hides her consternation that this type of people are currently welcome in her home and there's nothing she can do about it. One of the strippers speaks up that everyone at the club wanted to come, but "Murray" wouldn't let everyone off. All strip club owners are named Murray. An oblivious party guest asks what club they belong to. Victoria: "Not bridge; I can tell you that." Amily's not pleased with the slight so she turns her ghetto anger on the very pregnant party guest who posed the initial question. Ams: "Twins?" Guest: "Just the one." Amily "Oh." She leads her stripper posse away.

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