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The Shower

Back at the hideout motel, Aiden tries his hand at earning Kara's trust. He asks for any information or documents she might have that could help them figure out who has abducted Gordon. It occurs to her that Gordon left behind a hard drive in a safe that he instructed her to hand over if someone came around with all the information Aiden knows. Kara opens the safe for Aiden. As he starts plugging in the hard drive, Kara emerges from a back room with a stun gun and fires it at Aiden's neck, knocking him unconscious. Cover... blown?


Baby shower. Amily asks Charlotte to save her a seat before they open gifts, which leads to Charlie asking if anyone knows any shower games. The lead stripper: "Girl, do I." Emanda sees an opening to speak to Ams with no one around. She takes Amily's showing up with the girls from the Beaver Dam (seriously) as a sign that she isn't going to cooperate in her plan. On the contrary, Amily brought the girls as a distraction.

Stowaway. Jack and Dec anxiously wait for the health inspector to finish looking over the bar. They fail the inspection, and there's no hope of passing another inspection because they need to use an EPA-approved contractor, which will cost around $40,000. They need a Christmas miracle. Is anyone else already smelling an insurance payout from a sunken boat in the near future?

Padma enters Nolan's office with a scrapbook she found at his father's storage unit. She explains that she didn't fly home to see her grandmother before she passed away because she was afraid she'd lose out on a job interview she had scheduled with JP Morgan. "Regrets suck," she says. Well... usually. Nolan opens up the scrapbook to find photos and magazine clippings that his father had painstakingly organized, chronicling his entire career. Nolan breaks down in tears.

Kara has tied Aiden to a chair in the motel office. Gordon would've never told anyone that Kara's real name is Kara Clarke. She thinks Aiden's either working for the Graysons or the Initiative. She reveals that Gordon is her husband before she leaves Aiden tied up with his mouth taped shut.

Walking through the halls of Grayson Global, Daniel pulls out his phone and places a call to report an illegally parked car to security. He walks into Ashley's office and almost immediately an administrative assistant comes in to tell Ash that her car needs to be moved. When she steps out, Dan digs through her tiger print purse (that's Ashley for you), pulls out her phone and listens to her voicemail. There's a message from Conrad, asking Ash if she has anything on Daniel. Dan's genuinely disappointed.

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