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The Shower

Padma and Nolan throw open the door to his father's storage unit. It's filled to the brim with boxes. Time to sift through the life of the man Nolan disowned.

At Grayson Manor, we've caught up to the opening scene. Victoria burns the sign-in sheet while the maid scrubs Amily's blood off the floor. Conrad enters the front door, sees all the blood and immediately calls out to his wife. She explains what happened to Amily, but more importantly that Ams knew details about Kara being hand-delivered to Gordon by Victoria. She could've only known that with the help of someone else. This revelation is interrupted by Daniel and Ashley arriving home. Dan declares that he's heading to bed, so that Ashley and Conrad can have a private moment. He posts up behind a pillar and listens in on Ash telling his father that she'll no longer act as his spy. Daniel smiles to himself.

At the paternal storage unit, Padma teases Nolan over a competitive Tetris trophy. Can't you just picture a young, lanky Nolan clicking away at a Gameboy and throwing angry, sideways glances at an opponent? I approve. Padma finds a box of Nolcorp stuff, and Nolan explains that he started his company in his father's garage, and was soon after kicked out of the house. Standing with just the small Nolcorp box between them, Nolan softens and thanks Padma for taking an interest -- in this quest for information and in him. Padma: "It's my job to take care of you." Nolan hopes this caring thing has nothing to do with the job. He leans in for a kiss and the cardboard box collapses under his elbows, dropping him all the way to the ground. Nolan: "Can we, uh... try that again?" It's a very sweet and caring kiss they share. I guess we shouldn't complain. She's not Tyler.

Aiden has begun trying to free himself from the motel office from hell. He bangs the back of his chair against a bookshelf, knocking over a fishbowl full of marbles. Aiden falls over with his chair so he can pick up a shard of glass. He begins cutting his wrist ties.

Driving, Kara catches a news story on the radio about Amily being seriously injured and taken to a local hospital. She turns up the volume.

Jack and Ems arrive at the ER. The doctor informs them and Charlotte that they're moving quickly to try to save both mother and baby, but the blood supply is quickly dwindling for the child. He begins to ask the group what to do if a decision needs to be made on which one to save, but Emanda cuts him off before he can finish to speak on everyone's behalf that the choice is the baby. She assures Jack by adding it was the last wish Amily expressed as she was being taken away. Jack is beside himself. All he can think about is how awful he's been to Ams recently. Emanda tries to comfort him, but just then the alarm goes off for a "code blue" in the operating room, sending everyone running in to tend to Amily. Code blues are not good.

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