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The Shower


Out in the waiting area, the doctor informs Jack, Ems and Charlotte that they've had to induce a coma for Amily. The baby was delivered, but its oxygen levels are really low right now. They aren't allowed to see Ams just yet. Emanda excuses herself to go get coffee for everyone. Dec arrives at the ER, finding his brother completely destroyed. Jack musters up the energy to say he's now a father, but Amily isn't doing well. Declan hugs his brother, who looks over at Charlotte, which leads Dec to see his ex-girlfriend. Jack says to go ahead. He goes over to Charlie and asks if she's OK. She just nods. Declan immediately takes off his coat and drapes it over her. Love. That's what love is.

Azure Ray's line, "While you were searching / for your gods..." from "The Heart Has Its Reasons" plays as Ems walks cautiously alone through the hospital's hallways. Emanda VO: "When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying, 'Go with your gut.'" Ems stops at an intersection of hallways and decides to go left. Ems VO continued: " 'Intuition,' he said, "always has our best interests at heart.'" At paternal storage unit, Nolan tells Padma he wants to take her out anywhere she wants to go. With that agreed upon, Nolan leaves on cloud nine, but Padma discovers a plaque commemorating David Clarke's initial investment to Nolcorp. Uh oh. Ems VO: "It is a voice that can tell us who is friend and who is foe..." Ashley and Daniel make love. VO: "...which ones to hold at arm's length and which ones to keep close." Jack looks in on his newborn through the glass of the neonatal intensive care unit. VO: "But too often we become distracted by fear, doubt, our own stubborn hopes, and refuse to listen." Aiden finally frees himself from his bindings, his hands soaked in his own blood. He goes straight for the motel phone and dials Emanda. He gets her voicemail, leaving a message to warn her that Kara's coming for her and she's dangerous. He finishes leaving his message just as Emanda spots her mother standing over Amily's hospital bed. FLASHBACK: Kara and a terrified Little Amanda hold each other out in the waters of the ocean far from the beach. David can be heard calling out in the distance as if he's searching for Amanda. Kara tells her they're going to play a new game where they try to sleep underwater, then plunges her daughter underneath and tries to hold her there. /FLASHBACK. Ems snaps back to reality and leaves before Kara can see her.

At Casa Emily, Aiden finds Emanda distraught in the familiar "all windows and doors thrown open so sheer curtains can flap in the night breeze" thing she does when she's really feeling defeated. Ems assumes he's there to tell her "I told you so," but instead he fights through Emanda's slaps and punches to take her in an embrace. She breaks down in sobs.

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