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Trial and Error
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It's a grey day at City Hall. A subtitle reads "Trial of Daniel Grayson: Day 15," then, "December 16" as the Grayson clan climbs the stairs outside the front of the building. Emanda voice-over: "Clarence Darrow one of history's greatest lawyers once noted, 'There's no such thing as justice in or out of court.'" In the courtroom, we pan over evidence exhibits of blood splatters and 3D renderings of the crime scene as the prosecutor presents her case in barely audible, muted tones. A painfully deliberate slo-mo actor reenactment of the murder, complete with white tuxedo coats goes down in front of the jury box. VO: "Perhaps because justice is a flawed concept that ultimately comes down to the decision of 12 people..." Daniel looks on as the reenactment reaches its conclusion. VO continued: "...People with their own experience, prejudices, feelings about what defines right and wrong." Brooks takes notice of a particular female juror who looks over at Daniel with judgment in her eyes and makes a note. VO: "Which is why when the system fails us. We must go out and seek our own justice." Dan looks back at Ems nervously like he wants to say, "This is all happening so fast... but in slow-motion. I'm so confused. Can we still go to Paris?"

Cut to Ash being interviewed by press at the head of the main City Hall steps. If you can believe it, she's actually improved her public speaking, artfully sidestepping entrapping questions and cheerfully declaring the Graysons can't wait for their defense's side of the story. She's asked about the prosecution's decision to slate Declan as their last witness. Ash deftly calls Dec an unreliable witness without saying it outright. Brooks takes notice of this as he walks out of the courtroom and gives her a subtle, approving nod. She returns the favor and ends her press conference.

Jack's in Boston at a motel he thinks Amanda stayed at. The receptionist he's talking with about Amily is preoccupied with her computer. That's because Brenda -- as we learn what her name is from her instant messenger window -- is chatting with Nolan, informing him that Jack is there looking for Amily. She asks what she should tell him. Nolan advises she should tell Jack that Amily went upstate. She masterfully lies about partying with Amily and barely being able to keep up with her drinking. Brenda tells Jack she vaguely remembers hearing something about Amily heading to Buffalo or some other animal-named town. Jack's defeated. He turns to leave and takes notice of the lobby TV where Ashley's press conference is being aired. She's talking about Dec taking the stand, which shocks Jack. He pulls out his phone and places an angry call to Nolan. He demands to know why Nolan didn't tell him Declan had been subpoenaed. Jack declares he's coming home despite his search for Amily being incomplete because he has to take care of his brother. Strange how potentially homicidal former strippers can come between brothers.

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