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Trial and Error

Emanda voice-over: "Justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Some see an innocent victim. Others see evil incarnate getting exactly what's deserved." Nolan enters Casa Emily while Ems watches an old newscast on her laptop about her father's death in prison. She appears shell-shocked. Without looking away from the screen to Nolan, she says, "I was wasting my time, gathering evidence on jury tampering when... the Graysons have so much more to pay for." Audio from Grayson Manor begins playing. It's Conrad having a phone conversation with the man he hired to have Goon killed in prison. He describes it as a "David Clarke-style situation." Ems is still wrapping her brain around this. She conducted so much research about the circumstances surrounding David's death in prison. Emanda turns to Nolan: "How did I not know this? The Graysons murdered my father."

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