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Trial and Error

It's snowing outside Casa Emily. December, remember? Jack's waiting out on the porch for Emanda as she arrives home. She invites him inside to get warmed up. Cut to Daniel watching from Queen Victoria's balcony. We see the silent view from Daniel's perspective of Emanda leading another man into her home. This would be a rather careless thing for Emanda to do even if her bored fiancée weren't house arrested next door with a balcony overlooking her entire home. Inside, Jack and Emanda light her fireplace and sit in front of it to discuss his lack of luck in finding Amily. Emanda offers retrained advice to Jack about continuing with his instinct to seek out the truth if he feels Amily might be in trouble. Jack comes to the realization he's been pretty selfish this whole conversation when Emanda's fiancée is on trial for murder with Jack's brother prepared to testify against him. He tells Emanda to lean over to him for a hug. Aw... there's the Jack we all remember. Back outside, Victoria notices her son is standing out in the freezing cold. Her snapping him out of his jealous silence leads to a raging diatribe about how he's doomed if his fate is left up to a jury of his peers. Very recently he's been cited for drunk driving, nearly paralyzing his last girlfriend and shooting his best friend. Victoria tries to calm him down by assuring him Emanda will back him up with her testimony in court. This gives Daniel an opening to finally hint to his mother what's really on his mind. He explains that he just saw Jack enter Emanda's home to "make a fire and God knows what else." He walks off. Victoria steps out to the balcony (awesome detail here -- Madeleine Stowe gives a slight gasp/shiver as she steps out into the cold) to confirm her son's story, sees Jack walk out of Casa Emily and places a call to Brooks. She informs him Jack is back in town and they should subpoena him as a hostile witness.


Alone in her bedroom, Charlotte plays with her bottomless pill bottle in contemplation. Victoria suddenly enters and Charlie hides the bottle. The Queen explains she understands tomorrow will be tough for her daughter with Declan testifying. Charlotte suggests she should just be allowed to testify against him, but Victoria brushes off the idea, instead advising Charlotte try changing Dec's mind. She all but tells her daughter to go slut it up when she pays her the gross compliment that she's a "resourceful girl." Victoria leaves Charlotte to think about being asked to use her vagina for evil. Charlie reaches for her pill bottle.

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