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Trial and Error

Knock at a hotel door. Room service! Juror #3 looks through her peep hole at what appears to be a room service attendant. She opens the door and there's Goon standing there with a silver food tray. He barges into the room. We see Juror #3's frightened reaction on Emanda's laptop and then Shamu sitting on a dresser in the juror's hotel room with its red light on. Nolan and Emanda watch emotionless from the comfort of Casa Emily. Goon pulls out his cell phone and brings up a photo of Juror #3's son, Matthew. Now it's creepy story time. He tells Juror #3 that Matthew walked home from school with him today because he's a very trusting little boy. If there isn't a hung jury or acquittal or if Juror #3 tells anyone about this, Goon's will be the last face Matthew ever sees. Nolan expresses fear for Matthew. Emanda's certain it won't come down to that since Juror #3's maternal instinct will concede. Always playing "devil's easy way out advocate" Nolan asks Ems if they'll just turn in this video recording to police and have the Graysons arrested. Emanda has other plans -- nothing so simple. For now, she just wants Nolan to convince Dec to go forward with his testimony against Charlotte's account. She isn't going to allow Jack to sacrifice himself for Amily.

Charlotte shows up at the Stowaway in a nice dress and heels covered by a fur coat. For a teenager, she's way beyond her years in dressing for grifting. Declan almost jumps out of his seat when he sees her. He's endeared himself so much as a character lately that it's not too annoying when he notes it's been exactly 58 days since he last spoke to Charlotte (31 if we count her telling him to get lost in the school cafeteria). Charlie gets right to business. She says she knows her parents believe Jack was the man on the beach in the hoodie, but she tries to convince Dec they're not saying Jack did anything wrong, just that placing Jack on the beach gives her brother a fighting chance in court. Charlotte starts laying on the sex appeal and dangles the possibility of reconciliation. She's got Declan snared when Nolan knocks on the door frame and interrupts. Before leaving, Charlotte asks Dec to think about what she said. Nolan knows exactly what she said, so he doesn't delay in asking Dec why he wants to lie on the stand. Dec's just not sure what will happen if he tells the truth. Placing his brother on that beach could have any number of consequences and no matter what he does, he probably won't win Charlotte back anyway. Nolan points out that despite what anyone thinks, the Graysons are ruthless and will pin this on Jack. Don't make it any easier for them, Nolan advises Declan.

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