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Trial and Error

Outside City Hall. A reporter sets the scene for their telecast, declaring they're about to call the final witness inside. Inside, Juror #3 watches nervously as the prosecutor lays out what she expects the defense's case will be. Brooks raises an objection on the grounds the prosecutor is providing testimony, which the judge sustains. Declan's already on the stand, so the prosecutor turns her attention to him. She asks for his account of the night of Tyler's murder. It leads up to the inevitable question of whether he saw anyone else on the beach that night. Tense moment. "No." Jack's head drops in disappointment. Follow-up question: Why should the jury believe Declan's word against Charlotte's? He testifies Charlotte was drunk and high and he's never done drugs in his life. Dec interrupts the prosecutor's "No further questions" to yell that Charlie's a good person just looking out for her brother. It probably falls on deaf ears because Charlotte gets up and leaves, devastated. Daniel and Victoria look on helplessly.


The Graysons arrive home and are livid about Dec's testimony even though it was mostly what they were expecting. Victoria makes a throwaway comment about never having trusted Dec, which prompts Dan to snipe about her inability to trust anyone. She fires back at her son with complete lack of compassion that he should be careful about who he trusts. Didn't he notice Emanda sitting next to Jack in the courtroom? Daniel's speechless at the thought. He immediately pulls out his phone to call Emanda and yell at her before even really forming in his mind what he wants to accuse her of. Emanda is actually perplexed as Daniel demands to know what's going on, without actually mentioning Jack. He asks Emanda to come over to talk face-to-face since he's under house arrest, but Ems has to decline because she has lots of Brooks' notes to go over for her testimony tomorrow. Stumped by the situation, Daniel ham-fistedly declares he doesn't know how he can expect Emanda to convince a jury she loves him when he's not even sure himself. Emanda's left dumbfounded by the conversation. They hang up, Dan grabs a bottle of bourbon and starts drinking.

Stowaway. Jack's pacing back and forth as he gets Declan's voicemail. Nolan's there with Jack, unable to help his friend who's worried because his brother has disappeared after giving his testimony in court. To complicate matters, Jack's been subpoenaed by the defense. He can't just tell the truth now because it would expose Declan's perjury. He wants to just hand over the bloody hoodie and come clean. Nolan knows this is suicide, so he assures Jack he'll go outside to make some phone calls in hopes of getting some good legal counsel. Instead, he calls Emanda to inform her of Jack having bloody evidence. Emanda instructs Nolan to get Jack out of the Stowaway for a few hours and she'll take care of it. Nolan goes back inside and suggests they go looking for Dec.

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