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Trial and Error


Victoria is already on the phone with Brooks, demanding to know when Daniel can come home. Naturally, Brooks is already on his way to Rikers. Victoria wonders aloud what could've prompted Daniel to break house arrest. Emanda appears behind Victoria to answer her question. She admits Daniel thought she was having an affair with Jack. Her explanation is that she was getting closer to Jack to find out what he knew about Amily's whereabouts. Ems tells Victoria she turned up nothing in a search of the Stowaway. Victoria seems convinced, advising Emanda that their only hope now is for her to give the performance of her life on the witness stand tomorrow.

Jack comes home to find Dec on the phone with the police about the Stowaway being robbed. As Dec stand there on hold with the police department, Jack notices nothing of value is missing. Then it hits him. He rushes out of the room to check to see if the hoodie has been taken. Dec has no idea what's going on and why Jack's suddenly telling him to hang up the phone. The hoodie is gone.

Goon walks out of his favorite bar and gets ambushed by a couple police cars before he even reaches his own. They're there on an Amber Alert tip. They check out his car and spot the bloody hoodie on his passenger seat. He insists it's not his, but they cuff Goon and take him away.

Nolan calls Ems after having witnessed this from nearby. He's impressed that Emanda was able to pin everything on Goon. Jack's DNA being on the hoodie will simply link him to having been hired by the Graysons to beat up Jack. Goon will then sell out the Graysons to protect himself from being charged with Tyler's murder. There's only one matter left unattended, which Emanda hopes Nolan can handle. Cut to Nolan explaining Goon's arrest to Jack and Dec inside the Stowaway. He presents the hypothesis that Goon broke in and took the hoodie for the Graysons and they double-crossed him. He thinks Brooks will have to pin the murder on Goon. When Nolan has the Porter boys convinced enough, he simply advises they count their blessing and don't dig any deeper.

Goon makes his one phone call from Rikers. He provides, "Your worst nightmare" when prompted by the operator for his name recording. Victoria hesitantly takes the collect call. Goon calmly explains what happened to him and then threatens to take Victoria down with him if she thinks she can get away with framing him. Conrad comes in and catches the end of Victoria firing back her own threat. When she hangs up, Conrad demands to know who she was speaking to. She simply wants to call Brooks, which tips Conrad off that something is very wrong. Conrad: "What on God's Earth have you done, Victoria?"

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