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Trial and Error


Conrad has been caught up to speed on what Victoria's been up to with Goon. He now knows about Daniel being beaten up in prison on Victoria's order and Goon being hired to tamper with the juror. Conrad can't believe Victoria's been working with this guy who could've been working against them this whole time. Victoria's certain he's been set up -- maybe by Jack or Amily. This theory sends Conrad over the edge. He thinks Victoria's lost her mind and now Goon will probably start talking and lead everything back to the Graysons. Meanwhile, Emanda listens in on this conversation from her laptop. Conrad is exhausted of this and needs to think of what to do next. He's already cleaned up one of Victoria's messes today, after all. Conrad cruelly suggests Victoria go get some comfort from Dominik, though he's probably long gone by now. Victoria's stern exterior melts away and she slaps at Conrad like a little girl. "You stay away from him!" Victoria cries before leaving Conrad, who picks up his phone and starts dialing.

Daniel sits in his jail cell and scribbles on a piece of paper. Daniel voice-over: "The last time I wrote you from this place, I told you I was innocent. That's not really the case. I may not have fired the shots that killed Tyler, but I did shoot him because he made me doubt you." Emanda, meanwhile, finishes burning a CD labeled "Graysons recordings" and pulls out a USB drive from Shamu labeled with Goon's name. VO continued: "Because he said you'd betray me, but I'm the one who betrayed you. And now I'm getting what I deserve." Emanda stares briefly at the photo she snapped of Goon with Victoria when they exchanged money. She places it with the rest of the evidence in the infinity x infinity box. VO continued: "Which is why I'm gonna do us both a favor and end this now. "

Brooks slow-mo walks through Dan's cell block intercut with Victoria slow-mo entering Dominik's flat. All that's in there is her unfinished painting in the center of the room and a bare mattress. Victoria sees it and breaks down in sobs. Brooks walks up to a cell and there are feet dangling in the foreground. The guards scramble to open the cell and we see it's not Daniel, but Goon who appears to have hung himself and left a suicide note. Daniel rouses from his bunk and spots Brooks. He asks what happened. Brooks says Goon confessed to killing Tyler in his suicide note. Brooks: "Still want to change your plea? I didn't think so. I'll get started on having your charges dropped." Brooks walks away, leaving Daniel to crumple up his break-up letter.

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