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Emanda walks into the Stowaway to find a cute, young brunette wiping down the counter. Ems orders her patented vodka tonic shot and gets a cheesy literary joke from the bartender along with it. She's unimpressed for all of a minute before the Porters walk into the room carrying boxes. There's Dad Porter, little kid Declan and then... Jack in all his latent '90s fashion glory. He's clean-shaven with long hair flowing out from a backwards baseball cap. His smile completely stuns Emanda from across the bar and she watches in slow-mo wonder. It fades when Jack walks straight over to the bartender and lays a kiss on her. In the time it takes for Jack to beam about moving into a bar and his girlfriend to sarcastically exult with him, Ems disappears leaving behind only cash for her drink.

It's nighttime at the docks outside what will become Casa Emily. Ems breaks into the house and looks around at the emptiness with a flashlight. She stops at the foot of the staircase. FLASHBACK: David comes downstairs cheerfully in a tuxedo. He asks Little Amanda how he looks. The sharp little girl points out that his tie is crooked. We see on the TV that the babysitter is watching that it's New Year's Eve 1991. David tells Amanda he doesn't have to go out tonight and he feels bad missing their tradition of watching the Times Square ball drop together. Bill Harmon shows up to give Amanda a late Christmas present (a Little Mermaid Ariel doll) and to drag David to the party. As they're leaving, David stops to ask Amanda if she knows how much he loves her. "Infinity times infinity," she replies. Bill and David fade away as they reach the door and we pan across an empty kitchen table until the room goes dim. /FLASHBACK. Emanda sits on the floor with the infinity X infinity box and begins going through her father's journals. The snippets are read in voiceover and they're all passages we've heard before of her father exposing all the people who were complicit in framing him. The voice-overs all begin to jumble. Emanda heads next door to spy through the window of Grayson Manor. She spots Victoria. FLASHBACK: Snippets of every time Little Amanda saw Victoria sneaking around Casa Emily. /FLASHBACK. Victoria pours herself a drink and heads upstairs. Emanda gets brave and is about to break into the house, but she trips a motion sensor, turning on a spot light. Frank notices and comes out to check the perimeter. He spots Emanda's footprints in the snow.

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