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Grayson Manor. Lydia and Michael Davis arrive and are greeted happily by Victoria. They mention they're in the market for a house in the Hamptons. Michael makes the type of prophetic comment only capable in flashback about the housing market bubble bursting one day. Victoria doesn't care for market discussion, she just wants her best friend living as close as possible. About that... Lydia has looked into making an offer on David Clarke's house next door. The beaming smile on Victoria's face dials back a notch. She tries to hold the smile while Michael talks about the government seizing the house and selling it to some dummy corporation that isn't entertaining offers. Mr. and Mrs. Grayson remain tightlipped and ask the maid to show the Davises to their room.

Stowaway. Jack's girlfriend Kyla reads Who Moved My Cheese? on the job. Emanda walks in and is immediately recognized by Ky. Jack's dad comes in and butts into their conversation, so she goes over to ask if she can have the night off to work a catering job she scored at Grayson Manor. Ems overhears her getting sternly denied. Jack comes in and overhears this too and starts an argument with his girlfriend about her starfucker tendencies and desire to get out of Montauk. Defeated, Ky goes over to Ems to apologize for the drama. Emanda offers to take over the catering job for her since she needs cash too. Kyla asks Emanda for her name. She says she's Mandy.

Outside, Emanda runs into Sammy the Time-Travelling Dog. She stops to say hello and Nolan appears from out of the shadows like some lanky sex offender. In the snow, it's not been too hard for Nolan to track Ems. She asks if he doesn't have friends and family of his own he could be bothering right now. The question cuts him in a way she won't come to understand for another decade. Jack comes out to call Sammy inside and does a bit of advertising for the bar that they'll be having a two-for-one shot night for New Year's. Nolan asks if Ems is interested, but she says she's busy learning who her father was. That's a start.

Conrad stares out a window at Grayson Manor. Frank enters the room to clarify that Lydia and Michael have arrived. There's no reason to suspect them of anything, Conrad says. Frank thinks everyone's a suspect -- even Conrad. He asks Frank if that makes Victoria a suspect too. Frank silently walks away.

Cut to Victoria entering a dark and empty Casa Emily. She looks around briefly until she happens upon a single photo of David on the hardwood floor. FLASHBACK: At the 1991 New Year's Party Victoria spots David for the first time from across the room. She heads over to strike up a conversation. They introduce each other through Bill Harmon. Conrad happens over into the conversation and mentions David has moved into the beach house next door. Victoria doesn't really try to hide her pleasure at this news, obviously smitten with the newcomer. Conrad excuses himself and Victoria to go check on something and when Victoria doesn't immediately follow, he calls after her. /FLASHBACK. Conrad's voice from the flashback carries over into the present because he's followed Victoria and is wondering what she's doing. She shows Conrad the photograph she found as an indication someone's been in the house recently. This prompts Conrad to suggest they let go of this house once and for all. He wants to sell it. Victoria protests, but Conrad cuts her off, citing that she's still in love with him. He walks out. Victoria hurries after him and the camera pulls back to reveal Emanda has been pressed up against the opposite wall of the staircase, listening in. It must be really awkward to happen upon such a conversation when you've been ten years removed from such a complex situation.

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