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Guests are still arriving at Grayson Manor. Victoria greets Mason Treadwell, who smugly comes downstairs with his trademark cigarette holder. He notes there's no ashtray in his room. Victoria calls out, "Young lady!" to Emanda and orders her to get Mason an ashtray so she can set up a place for him to smoke... outside. Emanda turns around and instantly recognizes Mason. "Leo Treadwell?" she lets slip. FLASHBACK: Leo promises Little Amanda he'll free her father. /FLASHBACK. Mason pompously presumes Emanda's just another fan. She sticks around within earshot to hear Mason mention that Victoria must've been affected by David's death. He pulls out the prison photo from the day David died. Apparently, Mason acquired it from a prison guard who fancied himself a photographer. Mason says he's sure David would've wanted Victoria to have it.

With the dining area almost empty, Emanda makes her way through the table settings mostly unnoticed. She's tasked with setting places at the tables. She stops when she pulls a name card for Bill Harmon. FLASHBACK: Bill has his late night meeting with David to tell him he's in trouble with the S.E.C. while Little Amanda listens in from the couch. /FLASHBACK. Next, Emanda pulls up Tom Kingsly's card. FLASHBACK: Kingsly gives a press conference after David's conviction -- which he prosecuted -- praising the decision. /FLASHBACK. A nervous, disheveled-looking man picks up his place card and meekly gets Emanda's attention. He asks to be seated away from "them." He just wants to sit in a corner unnoticed. The man adds he is staying in the pool house and slips Emanda some cash to bring him a bottle of bourbon out there. Frank comes downstairs at this moment and notices the exchange. Emanda looks down at the place card the man handed her. Roger Halsted. FLASHBACK: A close-up of David's journal shows the words "TRUE FRIEND" under Roger's name. /FLASHBACK. Frank comes over to Emanda to ask what Roger wanted. She explains he just wanted to switch tables. Nobody ever wants to sit next to the bathroom.

Stowaway. Nolan awkwardly enters, looking for Emanda. Kyla's there hanging up decorations for their New Year's thing, so he tells her he's looking for a girl. Naturally, she thinks he's just looking for any girl. Nolan takes this as the one cue he'll get in his life to flirt, so he asks who she'll be with tonight. Her eyes glance over to Jack, who clears his throat. He comes over to Nolan to say she's spoken for. Nolan's embarrassed and instead of excusing himself, he gleefully introduces himself to Jack. This looks like the start of a beautiful, one-sided friendship.

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