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Roger Halsted sits in the Grayson pool house emptying his glass down his throat. Emanda comes in with a bottle of whiskey she swiped from Conrad's personal collection. Stealing from Conrad doesn't bother Roger since Conrad's made a habit of it himself. Emanda stands around waiting for something to happen, prompting Roger to assume she's waiting for money. She explains she doesn't want his money. She wants to know about her father. Roger freezes when she reveals her father is David Clarke and that he mentioned in his journals that Roger knew he was innocent. So what if he was? What would Emanda do with that information? She says she would make sure everyone found out and that the people responsible paid for it. She has the guest list and knows that most of the people responsible are on it. Roger thinks she should just drop it. Like he did? Just drink away the problem? Emanda's not afraid of these people, she says, and he shouldn't be either. Roger says he has nothing else to say on the matter and leaves.


Grayson Manor. Emanda comes into the foreground of the shot to grab a tray of really tall flutes of champagne. She mentions to another catering girl that these people sure can drink. The girl suggests she cater a Puff Daddy party. Oh, 2002. The guests whose skeletons we've all come to know well are intermingling and sniping at each other. Harmon and Kingsly talk about Bill's desire to put a casino near a school. Bill can't understand why this is a problem for Tom. Not like it would be the first time he's backslid on his family values agenda. The continuous shot moves over to the next conversation between Mason and Dr. Michelle Banks. She says she's fascinated with the write-up he did about the D.C. sniper in the New Yorker and asks if he'd like to know what she thinks. "No, but don't let that stop you," Mason snips. He adds that he read her recent book on attachment parenting and they could talk about that instead. Michelle is surprised -- maybe a bit flattered, but Mason was just teasing her. The final conversation in this continuous shot is Victoria and Lydia entering the room arm in arm. Time is passing very differently for the two women. Lydia feels the years are just flying by, while Victoria can't wait for this year to be over. Emanda comes over to offer champagne, but Victoria excuses herself because she needs a much stronger drink. She heads to the study. Lydia notices Emanda glaring after her and asks what she's coveting. The Dolce or what's underneath? Your trashiness is sorely missed, Lydia.

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