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Stowaway. Nolan sneaks upstairs to speak privately with Jack's father. He introduces himself and the fact he's the one who bought their house. Nolan offers up that it's not too late for him to pull out of escrow. Dad Porter isn't keen on the idea because it turns out he couldn't afford to keep the house anyway. That's why he sold. That and the fact Jack's mom hit him up in the divorce for half of everything and had zero interest in being in the lives of her two sons. Dad Porter would have to come clean to them about that if they didn't restart their lives at the bar. Nolan understands. Kyla also understands because she's been in the hallway eavesdropping on the whole conversation.

Frank pours a drink for himself in front of Roger in the pool house. Condescendingly, Frank notes Roger was in rare form tonight. He gets nervous at social gatherings, he tells Frank. Is that why he requested to sit away from the Graysons? Roger says no one should suffer his company. Frank's done playing games. He flat out accuses Roger of being the one to send the card to the Graysons and of projecting his guilt. Before Roger can deny anything, there's a knock at the door. It's Emanda with a bottle of aspirin for Roger. Frank declines the offer since he has something way stronger for Roger or so he says. He suggests that Emanda go get champagne ready since it's almost midnight. Emanda walks away powerless and worried.


Grayson Manor. Conrad raises a toast to the party alongside Victoria from the second-story banister overlooking the dining hall. He looks forward to the future because after ten years of Grayson Global being in the red due to the David Clarke incident, the company is now in the black. Also, as Lydia makes her way back to her husband's side after straightening herself up after sex with Conrad (shudder), Conrad announces he's "managed to broker a deal" with the brokers of the house Michael and Lydia wanted. Conrad gives Victoria a smug look as he says this. Michael thanks Conrad and offers a finding fee, but Conrad declines. It's now fifteen seconds until midnight. They all begin counting down.

Cut to the Stowaway where the real party is going on. It's packed and everyone's having a loud, great time. Nolan sits across from Kayla at the bar. She says that it's bad luck not to kiss anyone at midnight. Nolan's instantly uncomfortable, suggesting she find her boyfriend. She and Jack don't want the same things anymore, she says. She reaches across the counter, grabs Nolan by the shirt and lays a kiss on him. Jack sees this from across the bar. He comes over and punches Nolan out without letting him explain.

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