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The sun goes down on the Manhattan skyline. It's November 2006. Emanda struts into a nightclub in a little black dress and goes straight up to the bar. There's very little of any sort of surprise that Aiden is behind the counter. He greets Ems in Russian in his little server's vest and bowtie. None of this fits Aiden at all, and Emanda tells him as much. Ems takes a vodka shot and deflects Aiden asking for her name by asking where she can find a man named Sergei Lvovsky. Aiden's demeanor instantly hardens. He reverses Ems' earlier accusation that his cover didn't fit him by suggesting her profession doesn't fit her, and tells her she can find Mr. Lvovsky in the back with all the other girls. The disdain in Aiden's voice suggests he's disappointed Ems has turned out to be a hooker.

Grayson Manor. Daniel's home with the long-sleeve polo shirt and messy hair of a college frat boy. Conrad lectures him about not waiting too long to pledge for clubs at Harvard. Like every trust fund baby, Daniel lashes out that he wants to make a name for himself... you know, while having a Harvard education paid for by his mommy and daddy. (They've also sent grade school-aged Charlotte off to the Alps for this flashback episode.) Victoria thinks Conrad's right about Daniel needing to use the advantages his name affords him, but right now all she cares about is having a nice Thanksgiving, just the three of them. Cue a knock at the door. Victoria turns to make a comment to Conrad as Daniel goes to attend to the door, and when she turns back around, her mother, Marion, (Adrienne Barbeau) is standing before her in the parlor. The Queen goes white as a ghost. Daniel explains that he invited Grandma Harper to Thanksgiving after she contacted him a month prior. They had gone out to dinner with her current boyfriend, and now Grandma was hoping she could mend fences with her daughter. Victoria's frigid to the idea, but Conrad insists that they can afford her mother one Thanksgiving. Giving what can only be interpreted as the universal sign of agreement, Victoria says she's well aware that this woman is her mother and walks out of the room.

FLASHBACK: A teenage (and decidedly ethnic) Victoria sits at a vanity, applying make-up. A young and beautiful Marion walks in and scolds her daughter for getting pretty for Thanksgiving, accusing her of doing it for a man named Thomas. Young Victoria absorbs the hurt of this accusation like any young girl would, and doesn't respond to her mother. Instead she asks if Marion thinks Thomas will propose. Angrily, Marion fires back that she hopes so because they're almost out of money. /FLASHBACK. Victoria stares at herself blankly in a hallway mirror to signify that was a traumatic thing we just flashed back to.

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