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In an abandoned warehouse, Emanda picks up a framed photo of her as a little girl with her father off of a small desk in what appears to be a makeshift hideout. Takeda's voice calls to her from off frame, telling her David would be proud of her. This mission will provide a good distraction from a time of year Ems hates, presumably the anniversary of her father's death or because it's the holiday season she would've spent mostly with her father. Takeda asks if she's afraid of what faces her. Emanda sets down the framed photo: "No. I'm ready."

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Thanksgiving Day, 2006. Nolan cheerfully breezes into the colorful conference room of a nascent Nolcorp. There's about a dozen champagne bottles in the center of the conference table in the room that's filled to the brim with 2006 hipsters. Nolan announces that he's thankful they all agreed to come into work on the holiday, and instead of actually working today, he wants to play a game. He grabs a large sketchpad and marker, draws a large "1" and "0", and asks who in the room can solve the equation. Nobody can, so Nolan calls out a Mr. Romero to try his hand at it. Marco Romero (E.J. Bonilla from "Guiding Light") is a young, attractive accountant type. He slips on his glasses and quickly draws a "P" between the "1" and "0". Assuming the "1" is really an "I," Nolan announces that spells "IPO." Nolcorp is going public. The room buzzes with excitement. Nolan implores everyone to thank Marco, whom he couldn't have done it without. He then orders everyone to grab a bottle of champagne and go home to their loved ones. It's totally the anti-thesis of The Social Network.

Daniel timidly seeks out his father in his office at Grayson Manor. He breaks the ice by noting his mother's pulling out the fine china for her mother's return. Conrad quips that Victoria's always been one for second chances before asking about a folder in Daniel's hand. Dan explains that he may not be majoring in business after all. And not political science or pre-law either. He wants to do poetry. Conrad's face looks something like this: -_- Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny. Then he snaps out of his shock to tell his son that he'd be honored to read over the poems if it means supporting his dreams. Total bullshit, but Daniel's still young and naive.

Warehouse hideout. Takeda approaches Ems to ask about her plans for the Graysons. Emanda has already severed ties with Nolcorp, closed all her bank accounts and set up several fronts that are doing business with the divested money. Her surveillance has already uncovered Conrad's infidelity with Lydia Davis. Ems isn't subtle about her frustration with Takeda that she was ready to spring into action against the Graysons before this mission diverted her. Takeda registers it, handing over a photo of a young girl named Colleen who was abducted from Seoul by Dmitri's operation. The plan is for Emanda to infiltrate the club again, isolate Dmitri and gain Takeda access to him. After that, Ems is free to continue her quest against the Graysons.

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