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Grayson Manor. Marion plants a framed photo of herself and Victoria when they were younger onto a table among other photos that have business being there. Victoria walks up and sarcastically commends her mother on that being a nice touch, accusing this whole reunion of being a charade to ensnare her latest suitor, Ben Greevy. Marion insists that Ben loves her and that he simply wanted to meet the family. The doorbell rings. And just like always, I don't have my pants on when the doorbell rings. Marion warns her daughter that she better not disappoint her as she goes to greet her boyfriend.

FLASHBACK: Marion and Victoria sit at a dinner table with Mrs. Harper's suitor, Thomas, who is not shown (except for his left hand, which bears a wedding ring) and is being a creeper toward the teenage Victoria. He compliments her on her beauty, saying she must look how her mother did at that age. What -- 20, 25? Obliviously, Victoria corrects him, "15." Exasperated, Marion orders her daughter to pour coffee for Thomas and herself so they can take it into the living room. /FLASHBACK.

Marion brings Mr. Greevy over to Victoria for introductions. Naturally, it's awkward that Ben compliments Victoria on her appearance. Victoria decides to rub it in and gives Ben an extra long handshake and smile.

It's afternoon at the Russian nightclub. Taking a page from Amily's stylebook, Ems walks in wearing a sparkly, tight dress. Aiden heads her off with a warning that she shouldn't be there today; it's too dangerous. Emanda insists she can take care of herself. She walks up to Sergei and feeds him a lie about her roommate being too sick to show up today, and offers up a pithy apology. Sergei's not happy, but that could change if Ems agrees to meet with Dmitri in her roommate's place. It pays $3,000. Sergei asks how old she is. Emanda: "For $3,000, how old do you want me to be?" That would probably be my answer, too. Dmitri will be there any minute, so Sergei calls out Aiden to get some vodka ready and warns Ems not to be drunk when Dmitri takes her to the back room. Aiden pulls out a bottle of vodka from a bottom cabinet, as well as a gun, which he slips into his waistband at the small of his back.

Meanwhile, Ems radios to Takeda to let him know that there are about five armed Russian militia in the club. He tells her he will appear when she has lured Dmitri to the back room. Aiden passes by Emanda to give her one last warning before taking the vodka to Dmitri. She's not budging. Aiden walks up to Dmitri and his entourage, tells him, "This is from Colleen," then pulls out his pistol. Ems recognizes the name Colleen and tackles Aiden before he can let off a round. From the floor, Emanda watches as Dmitri's thugs apprehend Aiden and begin beating him while Takeda barks in her earwig for her to abort the mission. Ems: "I can't!"

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