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It's dinnertime at Grayson Manor. Small talk about Daniel's writing aspirations confirms that Conrad and Victoria are willing to humor his dream to the point of Conrad even suggesting he'll send off some of his son's writings to some publishers he knows. The loving gesture turns the conversation to family and whether Ben has any children, which he doesn't. Marion has a bit of a slip when she admits she wasn't ready to have kids when Victoria came along, but she counts her as a blessing all the same. "Well, that's not what you said the day you threw me out of the house," Victoria calmly drops her calculated bomb. Marion can't believe what she's hearing. She immediately gets up from the table and suggests she and Ben leave, but he wants to hear what Victoria has to say. Marion sits back down.

FLASHBACK: Teenage Victoria listens from the kitchen to a heated argument between Marion and her suitor, Thomas. He's saying he never promised to take care of her and her kid, and she's begging him not to leave. She follows him as he tries to storm out of the house, then there's a gunshot. Full of all sorts of crazy, Marion calls to Victoria to come help her and simultaneously accuses her of ruining everything by batting her eyelashes "like a whore." She hands Victoria the gun she's just used to kill Thomas and wiped for fingerprints, explaining that no jury would ever indict a little girl like her, and if Victoria doesn't do what she says, they will take Marion away. Weeping, Victoria takes the gun and pumps a round into Thomas' chest. /FLASHBACK.

Victoria continues her story. Marion was right that a grand jury wouldn't indict Victoria, but she ended up in six months of inpatient psychiatric therapy. By the time she was let out, Marion had already met her future husband, Maxwell. One night, Maxwell was caught sneaking into Victoria's bedroom, so Marion kicked her daughter out of the house. Marion tries to convince Ben that everything Victoria has just said is a lie, but Victoria continue throwing on the guilt trip until Marion loses her cool. She accuses Victoria of always driving a wedge between her and the men she loved, and that she should've listened to Victoria's father and gotten an abortion. Ben has heard enough. He leaves, but not before telling Marion he needs to get as far away from her as possible.

The nightclub is now bustling with dancers on a crowded dance floor and strobe lights. Dmitri and Sergei try to lead out their prisoners inconspicuously, but they're intercepted by Takeda. He swiftly snaps a goon's neck, giving Ems and Aiden the cue to start kicking ass themselves. They quickly dispatch of everyone except Dmitri, who takes off running out of the back of the club. Aiden grabs a gun and gives chase. Out in a back alley, he fires a round into Dmitri's knee, sending him to the ground. He's about to finish the job when Ems comes running out after Aiden to tell him to stop. If he kills Dmitri, he'll never know what happened to his sister. After some tense facial tics, Aiden relents, but that just prompts Dmitri to arrogantly approach Emanda. He suggests that Aiden's sister is probably dead, but before that, she grew to like being a prostitute. That's enough to send Aiden over the edge. He pumps three shots into Dmitri just as Takeda comes running up. He orders Emanda to get Aiden out of there. We're to assume Takeda will clean up the crime scene like he always does.

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