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Carl takes a sip from his flask, waiting out on the dock behind the bar in the darkness. When Mr. Ryan appears from around the corner, Carl tosses him a manila envelope with the cash. Ryan takes this opportunity to suggest Carl talk to his buddies on the docks who are still holding out. Just then, gunshots go off from the shadows. It's Matt with Carl's gun. Mr. Ryan falls off the dock and into the harbor. Carl can't believe what his friend just did. Matt explains that his daughter was the victim of a hit-and-run accident tonight, with Mr. Ryan almost certainly responsible. They're in this together now. Thinking quick, Carl figures the gunshots probably alerted some people, and, in fact, Jack was one of them. Carl hops up on "the Amanda" and starts up the engine so he can claim that the gunshots Jack heard were really backfires of the engine. The secret is safe between Carl and Matt for now.


Warehouse hideout. Aiden notices Emanda's photo of her father and asks about him. It brings a smile to Ems' face to remember him as she explains what a caring and strong person he was. Aiden likens him to his sister, then declares his intention to study under Takeda so he can either find Colleen or bring the people who destroyed her to justice.

Flash forward to the present. Aiden and Emanda are nested together in bed at Casa Emily. Aiden says he wouldn't have believed six years ago that he'd be there with her today. He wonders if it was Takeda's plan all along for them to end up together. All Ems can say is that Aiden better not disappear on her again. He promises he won't.

Declan comes into the Stowaway after tying up Jack's boat so the slip can be used to bring in booze. There's a small exchange here with Kenny to drive home the fact that the murdered Mr. Ryan all those years ago was his dad. Kenny grabs a bottle of blue label scotch and pours himself a shot. He says his father used to call it "rich man's candy." Pff... we already figured it out, douche.

In his shirtsleeves at home, Daniel places a phone call late at night. On the other end, Marco's awakened at an ungodly hour. Dan apologizes for the late call, but he needs to talk about a business proposition involving Nolcorp. Marco: "I'm listening."

Out on the balcony perch at Grayson Manor, Conrad brings Victoria a glass of wine. They discuss protecting their son now that he'll be a target of the Initiative. That will involve blocking as ascension to CEO of Grayson Global. Conrad never thought he'd see the day that he wouldn't want his to son to have the job. Maybe their son should've been a poet, after all, he adds.

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