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Tyler Burden

Daniel comes home to Casa Emily to finds Amily digging around under the house's foundation for something. He isn't cool with this at all and thinks Amily shouldn't be around when Emanda's not there. Emanda happens to walk up just then and says it's OK with her. Amily's like, "Haha, douche-ass!" and leaves. Dan turns to Emanda to say he doesn't trust Amily. He thinks Emanda should be careful with her.

Victoria brazenly sits in front of Charlotte's laptop in the kitchen at Grayson Manor, looking at what her daughter's been up to. Charlotte's reflexes kick in when she walks into the room and she starts immediately yelling at her mother, who ignores the anger and starts asking questions about why Char was looking for apartments. Charlotte admits she was planning on moving out with Dec, but before her mother can go nuclear she adds that Dec decided against it. She pulls out the bribe check and gives it back to Victoria, revealing she knows her mother tried to get her boyfriend to dump her. She adds one of the reasons she's not going to live with Dec is because it's not fair to him since she only wants to get away from Victoria. She plans on leaving to go live with Conrad now.

Nightfall at the Fortress of Solitude. Tyler stands at the glass doors thoughtfully looking out at the swimming pool, a drink in hand. He calls out to Nolan, who's across the room, how plans are coming along for their Monte Carlo trip. About that... Nolan says plans are on hold since they no longer have a reason to celebrate. He's having second thoughts about their deal. They shouldn't mix business and pleasure. Tyler has a slow burn of anger going on here. He accuses Nolan of having set him up all along and sending their sex tape to Conrad. This is news to Nolan. He calmly asks Tyler how much it's going to cost for him to get the sex tape back, which Tyler takes as Nolan trying to be an asshole. He flies off the handle and grabs Nolan by the lapels. Nolan calms him down and leads him over to the laptop on the coffee table where he plugs in the whale camera. The all-too-familiar sex video begins playing. He insists he didn't send it to Conrad. Tyler is so sickened by all of this that he grabs Nolan's laptop, pockets the whale camera, runs out to the pool and flings the laptop in. Nolan is terrified. Tyler calmly walks up to Nolan and says, "We could've been a team. Now you're just as lonely and pathetic as the day I found you."

Amily goes into Poor Porter Bar after hours to find a candlelit dinner waiting for her. She's a little distressed because she couldn't find what she was looking for under Emanda's house -- a jar of sea glass. Jack says that's okay because... voila! He has it. He's so pleased with himself as he explains how he dug it up immediately after Amanda vanished. He kept it all this time in hopes she'd come back for it. Amily declares she came back for Jack. They kiss.

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