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Tyler Burden

Dinner at Casa Emily. Ems notices something's bothering Dan. He thinks he should go home to make sure Tyler doesn't do anything crazy before leaving because he was acting a little strangely when he saw him earlier. They have a sweet little kiss and goodbye out on the porch, which Satoshi sees from around the corner before walking up to Emanda. He accuses her of being in love with Dan and reveals that he originally didn't want to train Emanda because he thought her emotions destined her to fail. She insists her head is right, but he thinks she's lying to herself. He tells her she's now on her own.

Tyler has the whale camera at the pool house, and watches the video of him and Nolan. He looks through the file folder of other videos on the camera and pulls one up. It's a video of Lydia threatening to expose Conrad's coercing her into testifying against David. Tyler smiles to himself.


Victoria sits alone in her parlor with a glass of wine when Daniel gets home. He asks if she's OK, and she blurts out that Charlotte's gone to live with Conrad, like she's been screaming it in her head over and over again since it happened. She feels like she's given everyone in the family a reason to desert her. Daniel raises his concern about whether Tyler left without incident and finds out that Tyler has simply gone to dinner -- he's still staying at Grayson Manor as far as Victoria knows. Worried, Daniel gets up and calls his father to find out what happened with firing Tyler. Conrad awkwardly says it was all simply resolved. This pisses Daniel off. What about ethics? Conrad insists Tyler will resolve this all discretely with Nolan and this is not Dan's call. Daniel hangs up on him. There's a knock at Conrad's door. It's a crying Charlotte. She hugs her dad and tells him she can't live with Victoria.

At a fancy restaurant, Tyler sits alone fidgeting, sipping his wine and nervously looking over the menu. Ashley arrives and asks if the seat across from Tyler is taken. He remarks that she just barely made it in time. Ashley isn't fazed. She says she considers herself lucky then. Tyler notices the bravado and says he is the one who is in fact lucky. They clink wine glasses.

Daniel returns to his mother in the parlor, livid. He asks how she stayed with Conrad all these years. He veritably hates his dad now. Victoria tells Daniel that she's hired a lawyer and doesn't want her son caught in the crossfire of whatever comes out in the divorce. Dan offers his mother that he'll stay with Grayson Global and get any info she needs on Conrad. He also offers to stay the night to keep a watch out for Tyler. You know... in case he shows up and starts throwing shit in the pool.

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