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The Mask of Zorrow

Victoria takes a letter opener to tiny RSVP envelopes as Daniel comes in through the backdoor of the Grayson Manor kitchen nook. He immediately recognizes that his mother is going through responses for their annual Halloween masquerade ball. (They explain away the absence of this party last season with Daniel's murder trial.) Since Daniel's being obstinate about his mother's party and trying to ruin her fun, she fires back that a girl named Sloane will probably be there to see him and it's been six weeks since his reconciliation with Emanda failed. Daniel points out that the only reason for that was he was protecting her from the Initiative -- plus Victoria never approves of any woman he dates anyway. He says this as Ashley enters the room so Victoria can sneer, "With good reason," with perfect timing and delivery. Ash is there to relay some RSVPs that were sent directly to the campaign. There's one odd RSVP in particular that is postmarked 1973 and has "Expect the unexpected" written on the envelope in red, and Conrad's name crossed out with Victoria in its stead. The Queen opens it up and pulls out the card. In the name field -- also written in red -- are the words "FROM YOUR LOVING SON." He will be attending, the card says. FLASHBACK: Teenage Victoria sits in a doctor's office wearing a hospital gown. Victoria's told that she is eight weeks pregnant. The father is not in the picture and she doesn't live with her parents, she says through tears. The doctor tells Victoria that she faces a decision that will change her life. /FLASHBACK. Victoria pretends this hasn't fazed her and snips at Ashley, "It's just a season trifle, not unlike yourself."

Apply cold water to burned area 3D title card and commercials

On a Manhattan sidewalk, Aiden and Ems walk briskly among the crowd. He asks Ems about Nolan, and she relates her worries about the state he's in. Aiden blames himself for that, but Emanda insists she should shoulder some of the blame, too. With Carrion in his possession, there's no reason for Trask to make a move, so the trail has gone cold. Emanda thinks they have one last card they can play. Aiden knows she means torpedoing the Initiative's investments at Grayson Global, but that runs the risk of losing Aiden's job and their last remaining link to the Graysons. Not entirely, though. Ems points out that she's aware Victoria has received that ominous invitation she sent. Now she just needs to make sure Victoria takes it seriously, and find a way into the ball to see her handiwork play out. Something tells me Ems will find a way into that party.

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