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The Mask of Zorrow

Stowaway. The bar is empty, save for Conrad, Ashley, Jack and a couple of campaign drones. The whole place is decked out in red, white and blue with mini American flags everywhere. Conrad fields potential questions from Ash. A tough one prompts him to ask if anyone at the docks will be smart enough to ask something like that. They definitely will. One of Conrad's campaign drones explains that all of the questions have been pre-submitted. Conrad spouts off an answer to the previous question, but Jack chimes in that nobody's going to like that he used the phrase "working class." Hear, hear. Conrad appreciates the advice, turning around to announce Jack to the room as the guy responsible for helping close the polling gap with Conrad's opponent. Ashley thinks if Conrad can knock this Q&A out of the park, his opponent won't know what hit him. She suggests to Conrad, "Tap your inner Clinton." Conrad: "I can manage that." One of the drones named Evan throws out a horrible joke: "But your inner Clinton taps nothing -- not anymore. Right, Ms. Davenport?" He leaves, to Ashley's delight. She turns to Jack and extends an invitation to the masquerade, then informs Conrad of the mysterious RSVP they received. She ventures to guess that it's a ploy from Conrad's opponent Stoddard, since the postmark year is the same year he became a community chair. Staying ahead of any political catastrophes at this Q&A, Ash has prepared an earwig for Conrad so she and Jack can keep him on top of things. "You are deceptively brilliant," Conrad praises her. Ash: "I learned from the best." After a beat, Conrad asks, "...You meant Victoria, didn't you?" Ashley heedlessly replies, "Yeah." Conrad definitely brings out what little of the best there is in Ashley in their scenes together.

At Grayson Global, Daniel flies into the boardroom fuming and shouts at Aiden, who's the only one in the room, before he's even fully in the door. He demands to know if Aiden moved all of Trask's funds somewhere else. Aiden admits it, but gives the excuse that he was taking a calculated gamble. Beside himself, Daniel talks himself through not believing Aiden is trying to destroy his company. Aiden tries to calm him down by assuming full responsibility and offering to meet with the client face-to-face to assure him it won't happen next time. Just then Dan spots Trask down the hall. With fear in his voice Dan utters, "If we have a next time." Daniel goes to speak with Trask. Keeping one eye on Daniel, Aiden pulls out his phone and dials Ems. He tells her their plan worked.

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