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The Mask of Zorrow

Venturing back out into society, Nolan seeks out Jack at the Stowaway. He wastes no time asking what Jack's up to with Conrad, wanting to know how he can get in on this unholy alliance. Jack tosses Nolan a campaign pin. Last Nolan remembered, Jack was hell-bent on fulfilling Amily's vendetta. Jack clarifies that he still is... hence, the getting close to Grayson. Nolan's brought up to speed about Jack being tasked with feeding Conrad info at the upcoming Q&A. That's where Nolan comes in. Jack pulls out his tape recorder with the audio from Nate's clandestine meetings with Conrad. He plays some of them. Nolan responds to Jack's plea for help by asking to see the earwig.

Sitting at her vanity again, Victoria turns over in her hands the RSVP she believes is from her son. Emanda appears behind her, apologizing for the intrusion. Victoria: "An intrusion is gracing my foyer unannounced. I don't think I have a word for what this is." Nice. Ems feigns apprehension in asking if her invitation to the masquerade ball might have been lost in the mail. Victoria does not feign respect and bluntly tells Emanda there was no invitation and she should move on from Daniel. Emanda has been foiled. She walks out of Victoria's powder room frustrated.


In Daniel's office at Grayson Global, he faces off with Trask. He's told that Aiden's actions will have repercussions. Dan scrambles to appease Trask, but a decision has already been made. When Daniel tips Trask off that he knows what him and his associates are capable of (i.e. harming people), Trask corrects him that the Initiative is now in the business of helping people since the world is doing a good enough job of tearing itself apart. That's where the real money is. Dan tries one more time to keep Trask's business, but it's too late. The good news is Trask is willing to part ways like gentlemen and give Daniel the win. As soon as Trask leaves the office, Dan pulls out his phone and dials Emanda to ask her to the masquerade ball. Ems tells him Victoria was very clear about not wanting her there, which solves the mystery of where that candid photo of them having dinner and those two bullets came from. Daniel's not worried about his mother's disdain, so they agree to attend together and hang up. Emanda takes up a black rose at Casa Emily and snips the bulb from the stem.

Victoria finds a pensive Charlotte out on the Grayson Manor balcony. It's no surprise that she's still depressed over the death of the half-sister she barely knew and won't shut up about. Their mother/daughter moment gets interrupted by the maid announcing the delivery of a bouquet of black roses. Charlotte's perturbed, but Victoria accepts them like there's nothing weird about getting a dozen black roses with one of the bulbs chopped off. She reads the card, which is now in completely different handwriting from before. "I'll be wearing the twelfth rose. -- Your loving son" Victoria lies to Charlotte, saying they're a gift from what must be the worst florist ever.

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