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The Mask of Zorrow

Victoria continues scanning her Halloween party for her bastard son. Nothing. She's startled by a young woman who turns out to be Sloane, the girl with whom she was hoping before to set up Daniel. Sloane says she's happy to be there, but was disappointed to see him back with "the Ice Queen" on his arm. Victoria advises her that they'll probably break up within days, which causes Sloane's face to suddenly drop. "Oh, you haven't seen?" Sloane pulls out her cell phone, which already has New York Post's "Page Six" loaded. It has that candid image of Daniel and Emanda at lunch together. Victoria excuses herself to immediately seek out Daniel. She asks if he thinks this is some sort of joke, scolding him for the great peril he's put himself in. But Daniel is all grins. He knows his mother is the only one making threats. He takes her hand and puts the two bullets in it. Daniel: "Feel free to use one for each of your two faces." And take this coupon for a free Botox session.


Aiden enters the masquerade, immediately running into Ems. She wants to know what happened. Trask is at the bottom of the East River because he killed Colleen and Padma, he says. Before Ems can even process that, Nolan walks up to them. Emanda says they should go outside to talk. Nolan instantly recognizes what has happened. He goes from festive Nolan to complete wreck in microseconds, ripping off his mask and storming out of the party while stripping off his suit coat and crying. Ems runs after him and meets his rage. He blames himself. He blames Ems. Nolan breaks down, tears streaming down his face, and it's enough to disarm Ems. She takes Nolan in an embrace, but he encourages her to go back to the party because it's what needs to be done. Emanda: "I'm not leaving you alone, Nolan." Nolan: "I love you, too." Me = Destroyed. He promises he'll be OK. He just has to deal with this on his own. Nolan exits, leaving Ems to put her stone face back on and re-enter the party.

Upstairs, two random teenage partygoers are unimpressed with the masquerade ball. The girl tells the guy that she wishes it had been a full costume party and the guy -- being the best guy/boyfriend in the world -- tells her she would've still found a way to slut it up. Go, random guy! Girl says she may have been inclined to show up as Amanda Clarke just to stir things up, which would've been sufficiently slutty. Her words, not mine. Charlotte happens upon this conversation and gets some of the nastiness directed at her. The girl calls her "Harlot" (why didn't I think of that? Teenagers are brilliant these days), and asks if Amily's baby only survived because of all the booze and drugs in her system. Charlotte socks the girl in the face. Declan comes swooping in before a full-on fight can break out, ordering the two guests to leave. Charlotte is shell-shocked by what they were saying. Dec hugs her. Wow, thank you random teenage partygoers for bringing more cruelty in one minute than this show has been able to muster all season.

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