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The Mask of Zorrow

Jack plays with Carl at the Stowaway while Ashley walks in. She was summoned by Jack. He brings up the conversation he overheard last night at the party and cuts through Ash's PR facade. Jack reveals he knows through Charlotte all the ways they've mistreated Ashley. He says he knows that they're both in this for the same reason -- to get what they can from Conrad before bringing him down. Ash is shocked to find out Jack was responsible for planting the David Clarke question at the town hall, but it makes sense to her after hearing how passionate Jack is about what happened to Amily. Ashley clears the air that she wasn't involved with what happened to Ams. Jack: "You wouldn't be standing here if you were." They agree to an alliance.

Nolan steps into his office, takes one look at all of work he did in searching for Padma that decorates the walls and sweeps everything off of his desk in one angry motion. He crumples to the floor. Detective Durand enters the room behind him. He's astonished to see all of the papers, because Nolan claimed to know nothing when they first spoke. This combined with the fact Nolan's whereabouts at the time of Padma's death yesterday are in question paint him as a suspect. Never mind that Nolan is sobbing on the floor right now, he compiled all of this research after first contact with the police and Nolan obviously was obsessing when he supposedly was calling the detective constantly for updates. Durand grills Nolan on where he went after leaving the office yesterday. Nolan looks down and sees the Conrad Grayson pin on the floor that he got from Jack. Remembering he has some powerful people at his disposal, he tells the detective he's not answering anything.

Victoria walks down the same alleyway from her flashback, and knocks on the door. We see now that it's the door to a convent. Victoria thanks the sister for seeing her. FLASHBACK: Teenage Victoria sits out in the courtyard of the convent holding her baby boy while being told by a nun that her vow cannot be taken back. They will find her son a good home and never tell him who his mother was, and they will never tell her what becomes of him. /FLASHBACK. In the present day, Victoria and the nun sit in the same spot. The promises were all kept, the sister say, even when Victoria's son came looking for her a few years back. Victoria thanks the nun and leaves. Another woman wearing a hoodie takes a seat next to the nun. She's asked how she can be helped. The woman turns and we see that it's Emanda. "Sister, I need your help. I'm pregnant, and I have nowhere else to go." Yawn.

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