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Jack Attack
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So, as it turns out, flying through the window of a flaming Ferrari doesn't kill you. Well, it doesn't kill you immediately. Father Paul doesn’t die with his face on the pavement; instead the episode opens with both Paul and Conrad on gurneys in the Emergency Room. It seems all is not lost, but while Conrad gloats that he cheated death in his cozy hospital room, Emily tearfully learns Paul’s grim fate (as well as the fate of Conrad’s nascent confession). It’s over, but Emily is determined to make Conrad feel the cold grip of mortality once more and keep his confession on track.

In Conrad’s room, Em enters just in time for all hell to break loose. Charlotte won’t visit Conrad and Victoria takes that notion as the perfect inspiration to tell Daniel that Conrad plans to confess his sins before Huntington’s Disease takes his life. Daniel is quick to turn down the idea and Victoria goes for double: Conrad could be convicted of manslaughter because Father Paul was killed in the accident. Conrad, who’s been slowly brought on over to Emily’s side over the past few episodes, turns to his future daughter-in-law for help. She remembered seeing him come from the passenger’s side of the car, right? Father Paul was the one driving, so Conrad can’t go to jail, right? She agrees, but she sees the beginnings of Conrad’s budding God complex. She is so screwed.

She’s also completely riddled with guilt. Em pays Aidan a sneaky visit after the hospital and tells him she’s afraid it’s her fault Father Paul is dead -- Conrad’s poison meds probably caused another episode. She may have ruined her own plan, but she’s got a way to keep it back on track: Aidan swaps out his Huntington’s meds to help Conrad feel sicker and thus more likely to confess. But even before we got to the end of this episode, it was obvious this plan was severely flawed; the meds don’t garner a confession.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is still hiding from her family and Conrad at the Stowaway. She’s accepted the invitation to be Emily’s maid of honor since she figures Emily and Daniel’s union is inevitable (oh, if only she knew what trouble lies in paradise), and she does her bridesmaid duty by giving Jack an invitation to Emily’s wedding. Jack says he can’t go and that he needs a break from Emily, something that gives Charlotte a small piece of satisfaction.

But the littler Grayson isn’t the only one slummin’ it. Victoria ventures outside of the Manor to get a job -- you know, that thing where a business exchanges money for services? She gets the idea from Patrick, who says she’s still Vicky Harper (her pre-Grayson name), and that Vicky was the young woman who reinvented herself to become the queen of the Hamptons. She can do it again. He originally tries to get her to sell all her paintings and leave the Hamptons, but she gets another idea.

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