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Jack Attack

But Nolan fills the happy, romantic void when he tells Patrick and says he found out something about him that makes him happy he stayed in the Hamptons. (Spoiler: It’s that Patrick’s marriage ended because he’s gay – hence the ex-wife who calls him a liar). Patrick plays a little hard to get, but they eventually kiss and agree to share a few glasses of wine. It’s about time Nolan had something good happen to him, even if it’s a Victoria Grayson spawn.

Emily visits Jack again to discuss Conrad’s new lease on life, but Charlotte comes in and knows something’s up. Daniel is at a hotel and Emily and Jack are on friendly terms, despite his declaration that he needed space from Emily. Charlotte hands him his wedding invitation, knowing full well that it hurts Jack to receive it. But he does realize that the wedding is the locale for Emily’s big revenge and he wants in. Em tries to keep him out, but she won’t be able to because Jack’s got feelings again and you can’t stop a Porter with feelings.

Well, you can try, and Aidan certainly will. At the Manor, Victoria and Conrad are arguing over her pool house pet, who she needs to break up Daniel and Emily. This is not something Conrad has ever agreed with, so he chastises her to drop her bone. He wants Aidan gone, but Aidan makes himself an invaluable ally when he enters the room and says that someone tampered with Conrad’s car in attempt to kill him and that Jack Porter has the motivation because he wants Conrad dead. So much for Emily trying to force Jack out of this revenge arena; Aiden just threw him back in.

On the bright side, it seems the show we once loved might have finally returned to us this week. So bring it on, Revenge.

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