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Penning Repentance
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We open with a strange pseudo-fisheye lens shot of Victoria lying awake in bed in the morning, holding onto the gun Conrad gifted her. Emanda voice-over: "Penance is a sacrifice -- a voluntary punishment to show remorse for a sin." In the restroom, Conrad takes a safety razor to his face and intentionally nicks himself with the first stroke. VO: "The more grievous the sin, the greater the self-inflicted suffering." So, Conrad must've killed a fly or something. In her guest bedroom, Kara runs a finger along an attempted suicide scar on her wrist. VO: "For some... the ultimate penance is death." Ems watches Kara on her surveillance laptop as Kara reads the front page of the newspaper with the story that Conrad was released on bail from prison. Kara flings the paper to the ground in crazed disgust. VO: "But for others, it is simply a means to an end." There's a knock at Emanda's door...

Ems closes her laptop and cautiously answers the door. It's Mason Treadwell, and he's already on his third cup of pompous this morning. Treadwell: "Ah... the David Clarke house. Now, was it coincidence, serendipity or strategy that brought you here?" Emanda keeps a surprised smile on her face when she replies, "Location." Mason blowhards for, like, twenty minutes about the peculiarities of Emanda and Amily's friendship -- each on antipodal ends of social status -- until Ems puts a stop to it. "As much as we both enjoy the sound of your voice, Mason, why don't you just get to the point?" she asks. Mason pulls out a group photo from the juvenile correction facility with both Ems and Ams. It doesn't really prove anything, but there is the fact that Ems has pretended to have just met Amily recently. Mason thinks Emanda is bankrolling Amily's revenge plot because of a past romantic relationship they shared, and Ems gets a sweet deal on David Clarke's beach house in exchange. It's almost as absurd an idea as them switching identities and attempting to coexist within the same extremely exclusive social circle. If Ems won't fess up, Mason's OK with that because she can just read about it when the story hits the bestseller list. Emanda's OK with that because there'll be an epic libel suit shortly thereafter. Mason: "Not if I write the truth." Ems: "Then do, and we don't have a problem." I love it when Emanda bluffs.

Victoria is still toying with her gun, but now she's up out of bed and about to put it in her purse. Kara's walking by and spots this in a hallway mirror. She keeps walking and bumps into Victoria, who can't seem to avoid being startled by this woman. Kara thinks it's best that she takes her leave of Grayson Manor now, and has booked a flight. She just needs a credit card number for confirmation, which Victoria says she'll happily provide. The Queen takes Kara up in an awkward embrace. I say "awkward" because it's not every day that the woman who stole another woman's husband and then played a role in his death hugs that woman goodbye after having let her roam around her massive mansion for days.

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