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Penning Repentance

In the dressing room (which is the size of my bedroom), Kara tosses the Graysons some blindfolds. They continue trying to talk their way out of death. Victoria insists that she's lived a life of guilt ever since what happened to David, and Conrad reveals that Gordon was directly responsible for David's death. Kara violently thrashes at these notions, clearly unstable, and unwillingly to believe that the man she loved could be responsible. Victoria directs Kara to her jewelry box where she can find the other half of the photo from the last day of David's life, which proves that Gordon killed him. At this point, Kara is so off her nut that the truth doesn't matter. She makes Conrad and Victoria put on their blindfolds and get down on their knees facing away from her. Conrad takes Victoria's hand in his and she squeezes back. It's... comforting to think that these two would take on death together despite everything that's put them at odds. Just as Kara's about to pull the trigger, Aiden silently bursts in the room from behind Kara, putting a rag over her face to knock her out with chloroform.


Kara wakes up in the passenger seat of Emanda's car, startled to see Ems. Emanda promises everything is fine, and that Aiden, whom she remembers as Agent Mathis got her out of Grayson Manor. Aiden, standing outside the passenger window, hands Kara the bottle of her medication found on Gordon's body, and tells her that she's free to go as long as she never comes back. Kara's surprised that she's being set free by the FBI. Aiden tells her there's a car and some money waiting for her, and leaves mother and daughter alone one last time. Ems asks Kara if there's anything she would want to tell Amily. "Just tell her I wish that I could've been a better mother." She gets out of the car. FLASHBACK: Kara and Little Amanda sit together in a parked car in the rain. Ever so gently, Kara kisses her daughter's head and begins to sing to her. /FLASHBACK. Emanda watches her mother walk out of her life through her car's driver-side mirror. Aiden hops in the car to ask if Ems wants him to stick around, but she says she has one more loose end to tie up.

Nolan enters his office and finds Padma on the floor with bloody feet. She jokes about workman's comp. Of course she does. It's a bit hard to believe that Padma didn't notice the huge shards of glass on the floor from Nolan smashing the frame that held David's check. It's not like there was just a sliver that Nolan missed. Anyway, Nolan sits down on the floor next to Padma and asks if she'd still want him if things changed and he wasn't exactly who he currently is. Conditions can change but he can't, she says. She'll always see him as "Nolan Algernon Ross." His middle name's actually Mitchell, he corrects. They share a sweet kiss.

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