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Penning Repentance

Mason sits alone in an interrogation room. He hears footsteps and without looking up announces that he won't say anything until his lawyer arrives. It's Emanda. She takes a seat across from Mason. He assumes she's there to gloat about making the police believe he's capable of all of the conspiracy that truly belongs to Gordon, Conrad and herself. Actually, she's there to cut a deal. Emanda tells Mason that he's going to waive his right to an attorney and give a full confession. He will go to prison for crimes he didn't commit, just like her father did. Mason's resistant at first, but Ems threatens that she will see to it that evidence mounts against him. She reveals that she recorded Mason's conversation with Kara, which would implicate him as having ties with Gordon, and that only through this deal can Mason hope to gain the one thing that could ever exonerate him: a full confession from Emanda, herself. She will free him once her vengeance has run its course, and that will likely be just enough time for Mason to write a book about it all -- the book that they both know he can write. It'll be the book that will introduce the world to the real Leo Mason Treadwell. It's poetic justice. Mason agrees to the deal.

Emanda voice-over: "To properly do penance, one must express contrition for one's sins." Jack walks in on Amily playing with baby Carl on their bed. VO continued: "And perform acts to repair the damage caused by those transgressions." Jack says he's been thinking about their wedding. Amily has, too. She doesn't want a big, fancy wedding, after all. She's happy just with Jack, Carl and a few friends on The Amanda.

Conrad enters Victoria's bedroom where she's having a glass of wine in bed. If I had the kind of day she had, I'd be hugging a box of wine. Conrad looks exhausted and defeated when he tells her that their security cameras blacked out when Kara disappeared. They assume the Initiative was responsible. Victoria tries to tell Conrad about Daniel's move to unseat him, but he stops her. It can wait until the morning. Of course.

We see Mason silently give his confession to Detective Gunther on-camera. Ems VO continued: "It is only when those acts are complete that the slate can truly be wiped clean." Aiden waits for Ems on the porch of Casa Emily at night. VO: "And amnesty gives way to a new beginning." He says he just wanted to check on her. He knows she had a rough day and wants to know if she's all right. Without giving an answer, Emanda rushes up to Aiden and lays a passionate kiss on him.

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