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Feast or Famine
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We start with a dark red close-up. The camera moves around to reveal we've been focused on the back of a box in Emanda's hand that holds an invitation for the Fire & Ice Ball from the pilot. Emanda voiceover: "Years ago, I met a boy who introduced me to a book -- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. In it, William Blake writes, 'If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is... infinite.'" Brief montage of everyone's various reactions to receiving the engagement announcement: Ashley happily works on sending them out; Conrad sits in his office, holding it in his hand in contemplation; a maid hands one to Charlotte and she can't hold back a smile; Nolan flicks the faux diamond pendant in the box and sneers. Back to Emanda, sitting up in bed. She smiles when Daniel rolls over into frame, and they start making out in celebration of their love being disseminated to the masses. Emanda voiceover continues: "But in reality our perception is often clouded, by expectations, by experiences. As of late I find my perception is blinded by only one thing... revenge." Cut to an invitation propped upright. We pan over to see a laptop open with more interview footage of David Clarke. He's talking about being convinced that Victoria played no part in his arrest because he's the father of her daughter. Victoria sits at her vanity mirror watching this blankly. She reaches out and caresses David's face on the screen as Charlotte walks in. Her mother immediately shuts the laptop. Charlotte asks if she's seen the invitation, immediately sensing Victoria's disapproval. Never one to pass up an opportunity to attack her mother, Charlotte reminds her that Declan doesn't get much approval either. Victoria is such a broken woman at this point that she doesn't even try to protest.

Casa Emily. In the kitchen, Daniel gathers his things to get ready for work. Ems comes downstairs in all white, as per Victoria's request, for her engagement photo shoot at Grayson Manor. Daniel leaves, and Emanda heads straight for the infinity x infinity box. In her spotless white dress, she sits with her laptop and wears latex gloves. Her laptop is playing David's revelation that he's Charlotte's father again, but Emanda is burning it to a DVD. Her phone rings with a call from Nolan. He naturally opens with a barb about the Fire & Ice Ball invitation. "'Fire & Ice.' Mm... subtle. Were 'Fire & Brimstone' not available?" Then, he gets to the real questions. Last he was aware, Emanda was going to be putting all of her plans on hold. Now he's holding an invitation in his hand that says otherwise. Emanda explains the new wrinkle of Victoria claiming David raped her, and Ems is now waiting for the perfect moment to reveal to everyone Charlotte's paternity. She'll probably do that with the DVD she's just recorded, packed and addressed to Charlotte from "Amanda Clarke." She and Nolan hang up. Then, she happens upon Amily's cell phone in the infinity x infinity box, and sees twelve text messages and seven missed calls from Jack. Sadness.

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