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Feast or Famine

Porter Bar. Jack shows the tape to Nolan. Nolan: "Wow... dinosaur format!" (Love you, Nolan.) Nolan offers to take it back to his lab and try to find a player for it, but Jack is wise enough to keep the incriminating tape. Trying to take some edge off the situation, Nolan asks if it's a sex tape. Not a good time to tease Jack. After ordering Nolan to track down a video player, he storms off.

Back at the photo shoot, Victoria exits the study and tells Dan and Emanda that despite everything that's happened recently they need to be very welcoming to Grandpa Grayson. Ems asks Dan what that was all about. He figures it means his mother just got what she wanted. Heh. Cue Emanda's phone with a call from Nolan. He's a bit panicked because he wasn't able to snag the tape from Jack, but he figures he might still have a chance to erase it if Jack hasn't watched it yet. Emanda asks what number was on the tape's label. She robotically knows which one it was by just being told the number. It's an interview from when she was 10. Nolan asks what she's going to do. Cryptically, Emanda says she's going to do what she hoped she wouldn't have to do, and hangs up. Ashley walks up to make small talk about the photo shoot, so Emanda suggests maybe they can reshoot the photos outdoors -- an idea Ash would've come up with herself it weren't for Victoria. Emanda asks Ashley to tell Daniel she's going to go run some secret wedding errands.

The phone rings at the Stowaway. It's Amily calling from a motel room. On the verge of tears, she very deliberately and somewhat stilted says she just needs the tape back. She ignores Jack's questions, and just gives him an address before hanging up. Ems stands behind her, not necessarily pleased with herself.


Back in the motel room, Amily and Emanda have a chance to talk. Amily wants to know how Jack is doing. He's confused, Emanda says. When asked by Amily if they should just tell him the truth, Emanda balks. Jack wouldn't be too pleased with Amily if he found out she was pretending to be Emanda this whole time. Also, he would go after Victoria, and there's no telling what could happen to him. Amily stares back at Emanda like a child, grudgingly trusting her.

Porter Bar. Charlotte and her mother walk in. Victoria has her hair tied back in a ponytail, big, gold hoop earrings and a tight turquoise sweater. She's a slumming chameleon! She takes one look around when they step into the bar, and vomits with her eyes. Declan greets the two ladies, and starts to crack a "two Graysons walk into a bar" joke, but Victoria cuts him off as politely as she's capable of to ask for a wine list. It's a short list -- they have red and white. Victoria needs a bourbon on the rocks. She and Charlotte take a seat at a table, and Charlotte can already sense her mother is disgusted. Knowing how big a deal this is to her daughter, Victoria feigns tolerance and says she thinks it's important to shake up your perspective every once in a while. Also, she wants to get to know her daughter. In that case, Charlotte opportunistically asks if Declan can join them for dinner with Grandpa Grayson tonight. Damn tricky daughters.

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