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Feast or Famine


Gramps is pissed. Conrad follows him to the front door of Grayson Manor, asking why his father is talking to him like he's the one who slept with David. Grandpa Grayson holds Conrad accountable for making his kids live this charade. He cares more about family than business, and Conrad has lost sight of that. Grandpa Grayson suggests Conrad step down as CEO at Grayson Global and groom Dan to take his place. Before he leaves, he throws his weight around by reminding Conrad he is still chairman of the board. Somebody missed their nap.

Jack's phone rings. It's Emanda. She asks if he's talked to Amily. He hasn't been able to get a hold of her. Emanda suggests Amily probably just doesn't want to be found right now. Jack tells her that she should've seen the tape. He continues, "[Amanda] was this little girl who everyone stopped fighting for." That sends Emanda over the edge. She tells him she has to go just as Daniel shows up. He bears the news that Charlotte isn't answering her phone, and he'll never believe another word his mother says. Altogether not a bad day.

Charlotte is safe and sitting with Dec at the bar of the Stowaway just the two of them. He's trying to suggest reasons her mother might've lied to her, but Charlotte won't even entertain them. She gets up and grabs a bottle. Dec is completely in perfect boyfriend mode for this scene. He tells Charlotte to put the bottle down and suggests Conrad will still be her father even if he's not really her dad. What does Charlotte think about that? She thinks her father is dead. The rich really don't know how to appreciate what they have.

Jack looks out of his window longingly. Emanda voice-over: "Truth is a battle of perceptions. People only see what they're prepared to confront." Victoria walks around the empty dinner table and picks up Charlotte's coat from the ground. She whispers her daughter's name. Emanda VO continued: "It's not what you look at that matters, but what you see." Emanda arrives at Casa Emily while talking on the phone with Nolan. She asks what happened with the tape. Nolan lies about the eraser being a relic that couldn't be counted on. Ems catches Nolan up on the fallout of Jack showing up at dinner. Though Charlotte finding out about her origin was an eventuality, Emanda's really upset at how it all went down. She opens her front door and finds the secret compartment in the floor where she keeps the infinity x infinity box is open. She drops her phone and leaves Nolan hanging. Ems VO continued: "And when different perceptions battle against one another, the truth has a way of getting lost." In the compartment, there's an RSVP card sitting in the box with "Will attend" triple underlined in red and an "X" marked next to it. Emanda stands up in a panic and looks around her empty apartment. VO continued: "And the monsters find a way of getting out." Emanda stands barefoot and alone in her living room, staring down at the RSVP card.

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