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Cut to Conrad being asked by a female guest about his health scare yesterday. He deflects the question as Victoria overhears the conversation. She interrupts by calling out to Lydia who is physically on the other side of Conrad's conversation. Victoria starts asking Lydia why she hasn't returned her phone calls when Ashley interrupts to introduce Amanda. Victoria asks a few questions about how she came to know Ashley and ended up at the party until Amanda suddenly turns and calls out to Lydia. Victoria's somewhat surprised that they know each other, so Lydia explains they met briefly on the beach, and Amanda adds, "And at the Southfork Inn yesterday. I hope your husband's feeling better." Let's document this. First "Oh shit" moment. Victoria just turns to Lydia, who can't say anything, and tries to fake a smile. Queen Victoria just walks away as Lydia stares daggers at Amanda, who just meets her stare and raises her eyebrows with fake obliviousness. Lydia tries to follow after Victoria, but the Queen suddenly turns to face her and gives her a warm smile that says, "I've got control of my facade again and it's too late for you." She turns back around and walks off without saying a word. Lydia's left just standing there by herself.

Jack's Family Tavern. Jack's dad Carl is toasting him in front of a big group of patrons, who Carl dramatic ironically teases for not being around his bar all winter, and explains Jack is setting sail tomorrow for Haiti where he'll be helping out with the Red Cross. The man from the bank enters the bar as Carl's finishing up his toast and Carl's eyes go wide. They go back into Carl's office and Jack overhears that the bank is not going to approve any further extensions on foreclosure.

Stark economical contrast as we cut to the party on the yacht. Daniel is complaining with a friend about this whole yacht party thing being same old shit, different day. It's so boring to have money, so Daniel's friend pulls out some coke. Before they can "bump it up," Amanda literally bumps into Daniel on purpose and spills her drink all over the shoulder of his suit jacket. Daniel is all smiles and immediately offers to go get Amanda a new drink.

Back at the merchant district of the docks, Jack is walking briskly to keep up with the bank guy as he leaves. It takes some persistence, but Jack finally gets the guy to reveal the bank's going to foreclose on Carl's bar at the end of month unless full payment is made. The bank guy walks off and leaves Jack standing face-to-face with Amanda the Boat.

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