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Judge, Jury & Abuser
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It's the dead of night out on some cliffs, probably near Casa Emily. In dark hoodies, Emanda and Aiden spar. Emanda voiceover: "Power: born out of nature, coveted by man. Wars rage on and victors are crowned, but true power can never be lost or won. True power comes from within." Ems thoroughly beats Aiden before roll-throwing him and pinning him with her true power from within. He comments on her being in tip-top shape. She has to be, she says. Is it time for round two? Ems has other things on her mind. She tosses off her hood and lays a kiss on Aiden's lips. There's nothing quite like combating your significant other in the pitch dark on some cliff to get the sex juices flowing, am I right?

The next morning, Daniel strolls on a busy New York City sidewalk with his briefcase and shades, newspaper tucked under his arm. He's entirely playing the part of the CEO he must believe his dad envisions... or maybe it was something he saw in a movie in college when he wasn't busy getting shitfaced and crashing expensive cars and people into things. Helen's black Initiativemobile rolls up beside him and she beckons him inside for a brief meeting. In the backseat of the car, Dan's a little bit sassy when Helen suggests the Initiative likes to know exactly who and what they're investing in. Daniel: "I agree. It's important to know who you're getting into bed with." Stop it. She's too old for you. What Helen's really getting at is she wants Dan to try his hand at uncovering more secrets within Grayson Global like the Nolcorp coup he haphazardly managed. She figures if he digs around enough, he should uncover secrets that will make him more powerful.

Early morning at the Stowaway. Amily sits alone at the empty bar with a bowl of cereal. Jack enters in a bit of a stupor because his alarm didn't go off. That was Amily's doing. She saw that he was tossing and turning all night, as if a deep, dark secret were weighing on his slumbersleepytimes. Jack admits he's been keeping a secret from her and produces a necklace he made out of the sea glass that he supposedly found with her when they were children (but really found with Ems). He thinks she can wear it at their wedding. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue all in one. Cute. The cuteness is cut short when Nate Ryan walks in pushing a dolly of big sacks he calls "supplies." Yes, but supplies for whom? Nate orders Jack to clean up the counter and disappears into the back storage room. Ams asks Jack, "Since when do you take orders from the Ryan brothers?" She senses something's not right with them. How perceptive. And speaking of perceptive, Declan eavesdrops on this conversation from yet another backroom (How many backrooms does the Stowaway have? No wonder it's got a problem with stowaways). Somehow, this conversation strikes a nerve with Dec, it seems. I don't know why, since it's nothing he didn't already know.

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