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Judge, Jury & Abuser


In the aftermath of Patricia's speech, Conrad gives a statement to reporters. He assures them that he will pool his resources to see that Judge Barnes' injustices are avenged. It all sounds very good, but you know there's really no substance behind it. Maybe he does have a future in politics.

Driving home or into a tree or whatever, Daniel takes a phone call and it's Helen. She mentions his parents being a part of national news yet again, but this time, Daniel points out, it's something positive for them. What Helen's really calling about is to get a progress report about Daniel's findings within Grayson Global's system. He reports nothing was found, but in actuality his turning to Nolan was what Helen really wanted. Nolan would have left behind digital breadcrumbs that can be traced back to a big, lucrative secret at Nolcorp she expects Daniel to uncover.

Declan sits alone in the Stowaway, knowing his brother just took the fall for his boneheaded idea. Kenny comes in to ask if Charlotte made it home all right, then takes a seat across from Dec. There's no more games to be played between these two guys. Declan wants Kenny to admit he knows those drugs didn't belong to the Porters. Kenny can only offer up what sounds like a sincere apology for what happened. Nate enters at that moment, kind of solidifying the notion that Nate's the bad brains behind this operation and Kenny might actually have a conscience. "Whoever called the cops today made a big mistake. I just hope they come to their senses or things might get worse around here. A lot worse," Nate booms. Kenny just gives Declan a helpless look before walking out with his brother.

Jack uses his one phone call at the police station to call Amily and explain what happened. He tries to reassure her, but it's hard to discern how Ams takes the news through little Carl's crying. This will all get sorted out, right? Nothing's ever kept a stripper/murderer down, right?

At Casa Emily, Emanda marks a red "X" on Robert's face in a photo of him and Patricia. Been a while since we've seen one of those "X"s, no? Ems VO: "Power can be hoarded by the mighty or stolen from the innocent." She pulls out scissors and cuts the photo in two, splitting the husband and wife, as Aiden yells from upstairs that he's going to take a shower. VO continued: "Power provides the ability to choose." There's a knock at the door from Daniel. VO: "But has a proclivity for corruption." Emanda goes out to talk with Dan on the porch. He tells Ems that he wanted to tell her earlier about the reason he pushed so hard to become CEO at Grayson Global. It's because the only thing bigger than the company's image problem is its charitable foundation. He wants her help diverting resources to charity, but just asks that she think about it before giving an answer. Victoria is watching this unfold from her balcony. Ems says she doesn't need to think about it. She'll help Daniel. They look into each other's eyes, Daniel leans in, and they kiss. Ems VO: "The use of power is not to be taken lightly, for it is never without consequence." Aiden watches the kiss from just inside the front door, jealousy in his eyes.

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