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Judge, Jury & Abuser

Cut to Emanda standing out on Victoria's balcony perch, looking down at her own home. Victoria brings out refreshments as Emanda comments on the view she has from up there. Victoria: "I hardly noticed." Ha! Ems cuts through the bullshit and asks about Victoria's insistence that Daniel's in trouble. Victoria's concerned that Daniel doesn't have the ruthless temperament it takes to run Grayson Global. On top of that, he's become angry and petulant, walling his mother off. She thinks that Emanda has the power to still reach him before it's too late because he obviously still loves her. If Ems can bring back her son and convince him to let go of Grayson Global, Victoria will stand behind her no matter what. She'd bet her life on Daniel's love for Emanda, she says before extending out her hand for a handshake to solidify an agreement. Ems glares back for a moment before taking Victoria's hand in hers.

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Ems and Victoria come downstairs from their meeting to greet Judge Robert Barnes and his wife, Patricia. Victoria introduces the couple to Emanda, and the four make small talk about Robert being a shoo-in for the seat on the Supreme Court. Ems is making her exit when Victoria throws out an invitation for dinner tonight with the Barneses, adding that Daniel will be there, which might as well mean: "So your ass better be there." Ems accepts the invitation.

At the Stowaway, Declan watches the Ryan brothers through a window as they talk. Dec is practically catatonic as his mind tumbles around all the bad things these two men represent to him and his loved ones. Charlotte's sitting in the background of the shot talking away at Declan, but he's not listening at all. When she realizes this and finally gets his attention, Dec's mind hits the ground running. He asks Charlie for a favor when Kenny and Nate come back in the bar. Cut to Declan going into the back storage room and searching through the "supplies" that Nate brought in. Back out in the bar, Charlotte does her best blabbety acting job in front of the Ryan brothers, talking about how her mother wants to take up the cause of ex-cons. This gets a concerned look between the brothers because... hey! They're ex-cons. Back in the storage room, Declan finds out the bags are giant sacks of coffee beans, which Dec proceeds to accidentally spill all over the place. He might as well reach his hand in the sack then, right? Inside, he finds a plastic bag of drugs. Like, hard drugs. He scrambles to scoop up all the coffee beans and cover his tracks while Charlotte draws out Nate's fake story of being the fall guy for a drug operation. The whole time Nate and Kenny are already suspicious of how long it's taking Dec to bring back a box of bourbon bottles, and Charlie doesn't help by insisting twice that Nate stick around or let her go get Declan. Finally, Nate gets free of Charlotte and heads back to the storage room, but Dec has already managed to clean up. Nate throws his weight around, telling Declan to mind his business about the coffee beans. It seems like Dec's gotten away with his snooping as he leaves the room, but then Nate steps on the one coffee bean Dec missed and stops in his tracks. Busted!

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