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Judge, Jury & Abuser

Code sprawls out on Nolan's computer screen. He's doing the hacking all the kids are doing these days with their Facebooks and Tweeters. Marco walks in and notices what he's doing, not believing the entirely truthful explanation that Daniel has asked him to do this hacking of their own system. Nolan swats Marco's annoyance away. Marco: "Nolan, look, we have to stop doing this to each other." Nolan gives Marco side eye like he wants to say, "Doing what to each other? You're a basic bitch." Marco invites Nolan out for drinks, but Nolan declines. A minute later, Nolan is into Grayson Global's system. Nolan says, "Goodnight, Marco" in the tone of voice that really says, "Fuck off." Still, Nolan stares after his ex-boyfriend when he exits the room. Don't do it, Nolan.

Ems enters Grayson Manor and is greeted first by Daniel. They exchange pleasantries, with Daniel offering comforting words about Emanda's break-up. He's sure to mention that he and Ashley also weren't meant for each other. Hmm... convenient. Cut to dinner with Robert and Patricia. An account of Emanda's near brush with law school when she was younger is well underway. It's a surprise to Daniel. Conrad pipes up at this opportunity to deride his son in front of their powerful guests, "Daniel, it seems that your tendency to overlook critical details is not just exclusive to business." Daniel: "The occasional oversight is far less damaging than willful ignorance." Victoria steps in, but it's not necessary because Robert is all like, "Boys will be boys. Blah, blah, blah." Barnes suggests competition is the foundation of America. Ems takes this as an opportunity to attribute that same ideology to James Palmer, who she claims was her professor. The mere mention of his name startles Robert and Patricia. Emanda digs deeper at the Barneses skeletons, bringing up Palmer's death and his involvement with the David Clarke trial. During all of this Emanda notices that Robert has taken Patricia's hand in a death grip because he doesn't seem to like what she's saying and continues to squeeze it tighter and tighter until taking it under the table. The husband and wife quickly excuse themselves from dinner soon after. Emanda furrows her brow.


Amily arrives at Casa Emily for her stay away from harm, seeming only to serve the function of being there so Emanda can explain her findings about Patricia Barnes. She's unearthed her medical records, which show numerous broken bones and abuse-like injuries. Also, Patricia used to be a protestor alongside James Palmer, which means she likely wrote the letter to David Clarke and Palmer was murdered for it by Robert or someone under his direction. Living with an abusive man responsible for the death of a friend would probably explain Patricia's silence all these years. Probably.

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