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Judge, Jury & Abuser

Grayson Manor. Conrad and Robert return from a day on the links where Conrad obviously impressed. Since that's really all that one usually masters during retirement, Robert suggests Conrad think about taking up another hobby -- namely, politics. Victoria's there for the tail end of this conversation and laughs at the idea, teasing Robert not to give Conrad ideas. When Robert excuses himself to go write his speech, Conrad tells Victoria he should maybe be writing his own. He could get used to the idea of being a politician. Wow... that would actually really suit Conrad well. I'm in full support of Conrad's character going that way. Victoria: "Oh, God help us all."

On a couch at Nolcorp, Nolan lounges with his tablet. Aiden enters to ask if there's been any progress on finding things out about the Initiative. Nolan then reveals that he has, in fact, found something. Conrad archives all surveillance footage at Grayson Manor. Nolan found footage of Helen dialing a phone number at the investors' lunch. By enhancing the image, Nolan was able to determine the number she dialed. Who still dials phone numbers? The number leads to a voice-activation prompt, but Nolan can't read Helen's lips in the footage to find out the password. Looks like she's saying "Interpol" or something. "Ingredi," Aiden corrects, "It's Latin for --" "--Entry," Nolan smacks himself. Who still speaks Latin?! Aiden pulls out his phone, dials the number and utters the password. Helen answers, "Mr. Mathis, I presume." Cute. She thinks it's time they meet. Aiden couldn't agree more.

Nighttime at the Stowaway. Jack watches Nate give a pretty, young blonde a drink on the house. "Aren't we in this to make money?" Jack asks. Nate says they'll make more money when the girl brings back all her hot friends to the bar. Fair enough. Just then, the police burst into the bar for a raid. The blonde chick will not be coming back, I think. Nate looks over at Jack who wears a convincing terrified and confused look on his face.

Aiden finds his way down the steps at the Initiative's abandoned warehouse headquarters or whatever the hell that place is that Helen likes to do her dealings. Just as Aiden's entering the large room, Helen emerges from the shadows, declaring Aiden is in deep now. She's wearing her fabulous villainess attire and slipping on some small black gloves to match. Aiden reminds her that he could very easily snap her neck, but that doesn't faze Helen. Why would Aiden do that when she can tell him where his sister is? Aiden thinks she's bluffing, but Helen recites back to him his murder of her kidnapper back in 2006. Helen: "So, tell me, where have you beeeen these last six years?" Aiden's pissed off. He takes a couple steps forward and is about to charge her, but then three red laser dots from assault rifles train on his chest, emerging from the darkness of the pillars behind Helen. "Next time we meet, you bring your manners and I'll bring an offer. You mention this meeting to anyone and you'll never see your sister alive again. Goodbye, Mr. Mathis."

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